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Whats the professional approach to appealing an (unfair) ban?

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Hi guys,


Firstly, an apology as I know youve all heard this a millions times before....


Anyway, I have a successfully ecommerce site selling sports nutrition/supplements.


We have been trading a number of years and are well respected within the industry even supplying a few high street name shops.


The problem is our adwords accounts was set up by a member of staff a couple of years ago and be all means not handled very well and consequently the account was banned. 


In goggles eyes our sight was selling illegal products, namely steroids. Google apparently picked on two out off 800+ items on the site and declared them banned substances, which they most defiantly were not! The two largest sites in our industry continue to sell these today and have a huge adsense budget.


From what Ive read you only get one go at appealing a ban – Please could you tell me the proper and correct way of doing this to give me the best chance of getting it reinstated?  

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Re: Whats the professional approach to appealing an (unfair) ban?

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Hi Adamlluk,


Welcome to the Community!  Sorry it is not on better terms.


While you may not be able to reverse your suspension I do appreciate the recognition of fault and IF there is a chance for you, you're taking the right steps by seeking some advice first.


I am not the absolute best person here to advise you but I can certainly get you started.


It would be quite helpful if you knew the exact circumstance behind your suspension but if I'm not mistaken, this happened a while ago and you may not be able to track down those emails.


Basically, I would suggest that your only hope is to review the policy center (here is an index of policies too), especially this section thoroughly and make certain that you are in accordance with all policies regarding the sales of your products.  Remove anything from your entire site that is questionable and/or against policy, then resubmit.


If you can post your site here, you can use a URL shortener if you'd like, perhaps someone can take a look and provide some additional advise.


Then hope for the best, coming back from suspensions like these is very difficult and near impossible, but it's worth a shot.


Good Luck!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Whats the professional approach to appeal for un-suspension

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Hi adamlluk ; welcome back to AdWords;

Let me reiterate Tom's answer by quoting (copy / paste ) an answer I gave in another discussion, a few days ago, on a financial account suspended, that was submitted for a review (to be un-suspended) more than once:


  • I don't know if Google just doesn't list all violations at once, or when an account is submitted for un-suspension it goes through much scrutinized process / clearance.
  • Either way; what Google wants is that you are familiar with ALL sections of the Policy prior to launching a campaign. (I know it is a hard mission to accomplish for most of AdWords users. :smileywink:).
  • What I do suggest to users, is to "go through" all sections of the Policy, and to identify those which are / might be relevant to their ads or landing pages. When those (sections) are identified, then read the examples given, and check if the campaign follows the guidelines




Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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