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What's the trick to advert electronic cigarette products on Google Ad?

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Imho there's no dangerous magic about e-cigarettes, just a better way to live with adiction to nicotine or the habit of pulling out smoke with one's mouth. And on this, it works very well.


Unfortunately GoogleAdwords inhibits the ad of electronic Cigarettes. At least in the direct way.


In my country, Google Ads show some of my competitors shops, when searching for e-cigarette <countryname> buy in my language. It's not that I want to betray anyone for using tricks in order to make Google think, that it's not against their guidelines. 


Maybe someone knows the trick. I really need to be on the level of my competitors, otherways I have to shut down my sweet self-made shop.


I give you examples by PM.





Re: What's the trick to advert electronic cigarette products on Google

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

I would say that it depends on website content, KW's used (including match type), and ad content. 


This could be an example of broad session based KW queries triggering an ad to show for a prohibited product, due to the context of the historical search data. If your content is not built around, you are not optimizing for, or directly advertising a prohibited produt, then given all those factors in context, a session based ad may be able to be shown, for what would otherwise be considered a prohibited product. Without that context, taken in it's entirety, it may be a different situation. Or, they could be on there way to getting banned, and it just hasn't happened yet. Smiley Happy



I am not advocating that you can, or should try to subvert google's policies. What I am saying is that there is a chance, that taken in context, in these cases, google may determine that there is enough subtlety or nuance to the situation, all things considered, that they may allow an ad to show. Again, probably not for the specific KW search query, but that query in relation to the browsing session historical data may create enough context to allow the ad to show. It's a very nuanced situation, but obviously, under certain circumstances, it can happen.


I think the problem you are going to have is trying to build content around, optimize for, and advertise a prohibited product. There is no trick to get around that with adwords.


As far as the business is concerned, if all your eggs are in the adwords basket, yes you may have to shut the business down - Because that model is not sustainable. That has to be part of the business plan going in to things. We know it's dangerous to rely so heavily on adwords for our business, and in the long term, without diversifying, our business model may not be sustainable. That's just part of running a business.