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What do you when Adwords staff mishandling a Site Suspension?

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How site was suspended to a "software policy" on Feb 6th. 


We identified the issue and it was our hosting partner who hosted our downloadable games was alleged by Google Chrome's Safe Browsing as "unsafe". In order to avoid any further issues we have moved all of our files to our own server where we have clean duly licensed downloadable games for PC that we distribute.


So, we cured the issue next day. 


Now, after sending e-mails and calling adwords back and forth for over the month. Our site is still suspended.


They do not review your site in 24-48 hours. It's nonsense. They will send you blanket responses and even asked us to make some changes to the site that were irrelevant to the issue. We did them anyway.


When you call their rep on the phone, just takes your information and asks if there's anything I can do for you? All the do is pass it for "someone" for a review. That someone does not have a name, contact information or does their job.


One of the last e-mails they sent us was totally irrelevant and blanket. When reading it you start to understand that people write it and supposedly doing a review for your site are not even qualified to do their job.



I'm sorry for the delayed response.


Our specialists have reviewed your website and found that the downloads available on your website are not compatible with Google Chrome.


We are able to download the file but unable to open it. Once the download is completed, when we try to open the file we see the below error message :


" This file is designed for PC using windows software. This is not compatible with device which runs on Chrome OS"


I would request you to make the site compatible with Google Chrome and reply to this email so that I can take this site for a review again.


If you need any further clarification, please reply to this email with preferred time and number so that I can assist you.



How can you request a large Downloadable Games for PC Publisher to make their site compatible with Google Chrome OS? It's clear as day we specialize in Games for Windows. I will not even say anything further..


All our requests were along this lines where they just delay for weeks or respond with something unreasonable, like an example above. I will not mention that they let sites who really violate their policies in black on white run perfectly.


Question is when it's impossible to get anything resolved. What do you do? Who is there at AdWords even in a capacity or willing to help? Do you just close your account and go to Bing and other networks?

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Re: What do you when Adwords staff mishandling a Site Suspension?

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generally, for software-downloads, unexpected behavior is not allowed.

for example, if a user clicks on a link and the browser attempts
to install any software as (if it were) an extension or similar
then, the choices are usually:
(a) follow the browser-supported installation-flow and api;
(b) prevent such behavior.

if the software is not (intended to be) a browser-related extension or
game then, any download-flow must prevent or block such behavior
from ever happening.

the download-flows must match the expected behavior of the
software's intended-use and prevent any unexpected behavior --
in addition to the safe-browsing and related rules and policies.

of course, having a exact link may help others to analyze the
issue more thoroughly and offer more specific suggestions.

see also


Re: What do you when Adwords staff mishandling a Site Suspension?

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Please pay specific attention to the last link in @Celebird 's replay about: Unwanted Software Policy

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Re: What do you when Adwords staff mishandling a Site Suspension?

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Thanks for the information. We do not fall under any of these issues.

Our flow and pages are very straight forward. When you come to our website to download a game, you only get the game and nothing else.

The issue is that Adwords staff is not providing any adequate resolution and it's not resolved.


Another words they do not provide us with any indication of a valid issue that requires fixing that would conflict with a specific Policy clause.

Re: What do you when Adwords staff mishandling a Site Suspension?

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with respect to any unexpected behavior, the issue would
not normally be related to getting a game and nothing else --
the issue would be, how do all browsers behave with respect
to the download-flow.

as to a site-specific clarification or conflicts,
re-contacting google is the best likely course --
or possibly posting more exact information.