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What Exactly ARE the Landing Page Policies

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Hi All


The subject of this post may sound like a dumb question, but I am basically looking for the page that lists all of the landing page requirements, and I have not been able to find it so far.


I have had a couple of new ads disaproved due to the "Site Policy" of the landing page site, fair enough, I only chucked up a couple of ads real quick to test something, but where can I find a list of all the things the landing page must have(rather than have not)


I recal from my adwords professional days many years ago that the landing page must have a link to a Contact Us page, a T&Cs page was it maybe? I forget, where is this information please, anyone know?


Obviously I have been to the main Advertising Policies page at


I have tried searching for landing page policy, landing page guidelines but I am not finding a 'check list' of policies which I am sure used to exist.


Or was that too simple so they removed it?!


Best regards



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Re: What Exactly ARE the Landing Page Policies

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Hi Roger,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


The link which you have given in your post is the correct link depicting all the policies which are considered while you advertise with Adwords.


In order to look for what your landing page experience should be, you can refer to this page.


Please make sure that your site should adhere to the Adwords policies and for more you will have to review the specific categories mentioned inside that Adwords Policy page.


Be it transparency, collecting personal information, unique content etc...


Just a thought!


Re: What Exactly ARE the Landing Page Policies

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Hi Roger,

One thing you will not get an answer from from Google is the "grey area" sites you may wish to promote. Some sites that fit into the policies and guidelines but barely. Although they comply, they'll still be rejected. High quality affiliate sites typically fall into this category. Google staff will NEVER comment on these sites and can be a real source of frustration for new advertisers. 


A lot of cases you wont get ANY direct notification either, Google will tell you by way of reducing your keyword quality scores across your account. This is Google's way of telling you that while you don't necessarily violate any guidelines, they don't want you advertising that particular site.


I guess my point is that there's a lot of site categories that while complying, they're still not acceptable. You just kind of "have to know". 


It's kind of like asking Google why they allow to advertise on every search term when they clearly violate MANY landing page quality guidelines. You'll never get an anwer. 


Notice some of the documents are classed as "guidelines" and not policies. That's no coincidence. I'd like to tell you that there's a black and white list of what's accepted and what's not, but such a list doesn't exist.