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Website Reviewed and approved - But, account NOT Active due to deleted campaigns with Old websites

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I have a Google AdWords account since 2008. I was promoting a lot of websites. But, by september 2009, I stopped all promotions in this accounts. As time passed on, I delete all the campaigns which were using old websites except one for which the website is still active and I own that website. The OLD domains were forfeited and I don't have any control on them anymore.

Last week, I called up Google Adwords support and asked them to review the only website which I am running in this account. They reviewed the website and approved it, so that I can start promoting the website.

However, so far the account did not go live. Hence, just now I called up Goolge AdWords support to ask them whats the reason. They say that I have to fix the other domains which were being promoted previously. I tried to explain them that I don't have any control on those domains and I no longer promote them. Also, I told them those campaigns have been deleted a long long time back. But, they want me to make changes to those websites and resubmit them for review for those domains. How can I do that when I no longer own those domains? I only want to promote this single domain which I own.


Seriously, I cant digest the fact that I cannot promote a good genuine website which was reviewed and approved by Google AdWords team because of some old website which is no loger active and also their respective campaigns are deleted long time back.

Does anyone have any advice or help on this issue?


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Re: Website Reviewed and approved - But, account NOT Active due to deleted campaigns with Old websit

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If the above statement is true and you are genuine then i can advise you but the steps are not sure to work.

1. You can search for the domain whois for all the website that you don't own and take a screen shot.

2. Now also take a screenshot of your own website.

3. Now scan your photo id with your name as same as it is in the domain whois you own.

4. Now attach screen shots of photo id, domain you own and domain you don't own and shoot an email stating the reason.

I think Google may take your request but its not sure to work.

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Account suspended - Owner has no control over website content. Account first must comply

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Hello aussiepayday; welcome to AdWords community;


We have had a few cases where an account was suspended due to a landing page violation, where the owner had lost control over the website content, and could not fix the landing page:


As weird and unreal as it sounds, when a web site is linked to an AdWords account, and the site found to be in violation with the Policy, it first has to be brought into compliance with Policy prior appealing for un-suspension.

This is true even if you deleted the account, sold the domain or you don't own the domain anymore.We also had thought that this was unreal: So, we checked that with Google, and this is the answer with received.


I am sorry about that, but as long as you don't fix the site - you cannot appeal for un-suspension.


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