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Virtual desktop = the end of AdWords?

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I have read many threads here in the forum before joining AdWords and my worries were right. My problem is : I own an office, where many employees use the same computer. In my home, I've got only Android tablet. Because of security & data sharing issues, I decided to use Virtual desktop (currently one from Amazon Marketplace, but is a new product from them), since it's cheaper, faster and more secure than to buy a new PC every 2 years (if you count legal SW as well). As I saw here in the forums, there may be a problem with using shared IP, since AdWords specialists can think you are someone banned, or someone who use stolen credit card etc.

As I expected, my account was suspended just a few days after my registration. Ads OK, keywords OK, no problem, the only problem is IP (probably ) from Amazon. Dear Google, do  I really need to save my bank account certificates, Google AdWords access (+my CC info) into computer used by a dozen of people to let me in?. I think that's a real nonsense to ban my account based on IP address, since it's Google who push people to use thin clients, data in the cloud and all the stuff. In my country, almost every cell phone operator provides virtual desktop as a service now, so I think, you will have less and less new accounts, if you keep this problem unsolved, since virtual pc's are cheap and better (and you know it).

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Re: Virtual desktop = the end of AdWords?

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Thanks you for your post. I see that you have already contacted support regarding your suspended account, they will be the best point of contact for you.  


Please bear in mind that when an account is created, it will go under review so we can verify details like your billing information. This review process can last up to three business days. There are a number of other reasons why you may have been suspended, it is highly unlikely that it is related to your IP but as I mentioned, our support team will be the best people to clarify that for you.