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Very confuse with site policy

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Hi All,


My site is For few month my ads were ok and i am very happy with the result. But then last month when came the "site policy" thing that make all my ad disaproved.

When i tried to contact adwords team, a guy name Ramya replied :


I see that your site is also redirecting the users to sites like "","","".


I already explained to him that i don't have those links in my website over and over again until one day he replied with a same answer (a standard copy paste anwer???) from his previous email.


Fyi, the site name previously was and then i change into Just now i change everything in google analytics and webmaster tool into to see what happen if i create ad and boom,still the same. Disaproved because of "site poliy"


Please help me, please check the website and tell me where i did wrong and how to fix it.



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Re: Very confuse with site policy

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I took a quick peek at your site and noticed that you have multiple blocks of AdSense ads on your site.  It's possible that your site got suspended for "arbitrage".  Please read the AdWords polciy pages on arbitrage.  This one is a good starting point:


I'm not sure that's the reason, but it's the first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at the page.



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Re: Very confuse with site policy

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Hi Laura,


I already read about "arbitrage" and i think, and know exactly, my site is far from that. It's an online store (which i told so many times to this Ramya guy). I don't put ads so people can click the ads (as you can see since you already took a peek) but i put it just for "possible side income" to reduce a little bit of my adwords expense. My daily budget is $15 and my adsense generate less than $1 per day Smiley Happy


So, what should i do ?


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Re: Very confuse with site policy

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Hi Adee404,


Thanks for your post. If you are confident that your website complies with all of our AdWords Advertising Policies, you can submit a re-review of your website to the AdWords Policy team here or call AdWords Support and ask them to submit a review to the Policy Team on your behalf. 




Re: Very confuse with site policy

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Hi all,


Finally after contacting AdWords Support for the 2nd time, a representative name Aravind replied. At 1st as usual,he mentioned that my sites contain links that i know i don't have. Then i told him to look at my site for himself and show me a sreenshot of the page that contains such link. He replied that he wil submit my site for the review. After few days an email from the Policy Team told me that my site is comply with ads policy, yay!!! at last,and now i can put some ads again. I still dont understand why the guy before, Ramya cant resolve my issue with site policty. FYI, i did not make changes to the site because i know there wasnt any links that violate site policy.


So,now the problem is resolve. For you who has same problem, i guess the solution is to contact the Policy Team for a review as Rachel suggested. And if you are sure, or not sure maybe, about the answer from the team, resubmit your request for review so it will handled by other person.


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