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Using the same content on different domains w/ different keyword ads

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What we want to do is, using the same content of the main site, generating some keyword rich domain sites, and giving adwords ads for each keyword group.


Basically; (giving ad for some keywords) (giving ad for keyword1 and its related keywords - not the same keywords of the main sites) (giving ad for keyword2 and its related keywords - not the same keywords of main site and other site)



The content and the product will be the same. We consider this because we want to test whether using keyword rich domain is going to effect the quality score or not?


Is this ok with Adwords policies, or is there anything against that?


Quick help info would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Using the same content on different domains w/ different keyword a

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Hi Ozan and welcome to the forum.  I can probably save you a lot of time and effort by telling you right now that having keywords in your domain will not directly affect the performance of Adwords.  It may indirectly have an effect since the keyword would have an additional appearance in the Ad (as part of the Display URL) but you can do this in any case manually (e.g.


Generally speaking, the importance of keywords on landing pages/domains is exaggerated.  You do, of course, have to have a good match between your Keywords, Ads and Landing Page - I would always recommend including Keywords in Ad copy - but you don't need to stuff your site full of these words.  Tightly focused Ad Groups, great Ad copy and well-chosen Keywords will give you a much better performance increase than simply trying to make your Keywords appear as often as possible.


You should also think about the effect on the visitor.  Your visitors are human beings - they want to read good content, not text that has obviously been written for Google, not them.  Even if doing this did give you a QS one point higher, you may lose conversions because of the poor copy.



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Re: Using the same content on different domains w/ different keyword a

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Hi Conbut,


Thanks for your reply. Warm welcomes from Turkey.


What I wonder is, is this situation against any policy of adwords or not?


I mean using the same product and content in different domains, and giving ads with related keywords for each domain? We'll not advertise for the same keyword with different domains. Each domain will be advertised in its related keywords.


Do you have any information about that?