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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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UNRELIABLE & VERY RISKY Advertising Platform for Indian Business's

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My company hv faced so many challenges with Google in India & after going through with all these challenges, I'm so much frustrated that i will recommend & advice every Indian Company/business NOT to rely on Google for a long term business relation.

Our account & other tech support accounts were closed instantly overnight by Google Ad words Policy Team, and here is the worst nightmare which i have faced:

1) After an account suspension,If you try to call Google, they will NOT allow you(Customer) to get in touch with anybody over the phone. Automated IVR will RUDELY say that your account is suspended because of some blah blah blah reasons & we cannot help you out anymore. It's a shame that being a billion dollar company, Google cannot employ people to help you out over the phone.

2) If you email Google via email, they will reply you so late with an automated template message, just explaining that your account was suspended because it does not comply with our User safety policy. Please refrain yourself from creating any more accounts & they will share this unreliable link with you:

Now trust me, you(As a Customer specially in India) is blocked for ever. This link is a general policy link applied to every business's & every business is not same. Customer like us will be trapped forever to make guess's & keep on correcting everything on the site. Remember that google will NEVER help you in correcting the Site. You have to make a unlimited guess's according to this link and make the changes. And ,here is the twist. Google gives you(customer) only one chance to make a change and submit the site for a review. And if they do not like your site again, they will suspend your account forever without even helping you. Nobody will answer you clearly from here onwards. Google actually doesn't care, about what you have been going through Or how much time you spent in building up your business from scratch by depending on Google.  Google will send you the same automated template pre--formatted reply saying that we have reviewed your site and it still does not comply with our policies & guidelines.


No business can comply with Google's Homemade policies on day 1. Google needs to pre-inform the business's or customers if the are making any mistakes instead of just shutting down their account from the back-end and let the business(Customer) suffer.  Google is made by customers & if you treat your customers like this then its a big big shame,


We do not need robotic answers & robotic customer service. India is a country of different cultures and we believe in talking and proper conversations. We are very open to change & learn. Your harsh & rude policies are completely unacceptable over here. 


If Microsoft Bing can treat customers so well in India then why not Google?

3)  Google Account Mangers in India are completely USELESS. Yes. it's an ugly truth.  They are just account managers for a formality. They  actually don't have any control over your account. Everything remains in a control of Google policy team, who sits & control everything from U.S. They never responds to you directly or talk to you directly. They act as they are super classifieds and sitting at a super secret area like Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. They never reveal anything clear and make you suffer for ever. Your every effort to bring your account out of suspension will go wasted & your business will eventually gets closed. If you rely just on Google to promote your business in India, then be warned! Google will never help you to grow, until you are based out of U.S. Google is a U.S product, & they only treat well if you are an U.S based business.

My account managers in India were vanished on a very second day since the account get suspended. Untill the account was running fine, they used to call me & come to my office like they will be with me forever in my business growth. But that was all fake. After few days of suspension, one of the account manager left Google and other one went too quiet like she was paralyzed by Google policy team from U.S and controlling these managers like puppets.

Shameless impression ever you can encounter will Google Services.

Google needs to understand that if somebody is doing a huge investment in marketing then, they must be doing a same thing in buying a office and hiring the employees. Shutting down the website instantly without any warning or proper support can turn somebody's life into a major NIGHTMARE. How will that business clear its dues? How will that business survive to pay its mortgage? It can also lead you to big mental distress, when you see your business going down even though you did everything right.

Due to some bad business in the market, you cannot close other ethically running business, just because of your instant internal policy changes. If Google is a billion dollar company then verifying every business should not be a big task.  It's very disappointing that you treated Indian business's like this & I will keep on sharing this experience like anything everywhere.


Every time i decide about doing a new online business, I can't even think about marketing on google. Google makes me afraid of being slammed by a big investment loss & suffering. Google DO NOT value small business's & specially in India.

India is an emerging market of new business's everyday & i think its time for India to develop something like & not allowing outsiders to control us. You have treated hundreds of business like us this way but we are together and make sure that India will have their own search engine by 2020 & it will happen for sure no matter what.


Today i read this article by PCWORLD ( ) & I'm now super confident that you made so many business's  suffer in India and acted biased.

Thanks for you bad services & treating biased.Smiley Sad

Re: UNRELIABLE & VERY RISKY Advertising Platform for Indian Busine

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Hello Bold S,

Sorry to hear that, I have the very same experince about account suspension like you described in points 1) and 2). It is kind of bad behavior if you can talk to Google one day and they are willingly helping you with anything and the other day they will shut you down without specific explantion what you've done wrong.