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Trademarks adword text and keywords

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I have developed some automated scripting software for editing videos for the Macintosh.


I only have the one ad campaign.


After seeing that my ad was blocked I learnt that I can't use terms like Mac and Macintosh in the add text.


I modified the ad text to remove that term. But now I am informed all the keywords are not showing because "Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords". But I only have the one ad. I am assuming this is probably temporary since editing an ad creates a new ad rather than modifying the original. This message seems to be stopping me seeing other possible messages of other things that I am doing wrong with my ad text or keywords.


In the time I have been writing this my ad has been approved. If the stats for my website are anything to go by I have quickly had a lot of clicks from windows users who will have no use for the software. I have now paused the ad.


How do adword users write their ads which are computer platform dependent without breaking trademark laws whilst targeting their audience. I do not know how I would go about writing to Apple to ask if I can use the term Mac in my adword text or as a keyword as suggested in the documentation.


I cannot believe this problem has not been resolved.


How do I target ads to users of the mac platform only without breaking Apple's trademark of the term mac?



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Re: Trademarks adword text and keywords

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@Sheffield K;

If you are using broad match keywords, then similar keywords or  synonyms in other ad-groups / campaigns could be matched to a search query (because having higher ad-rank) and trigger the ad.


As for your other question, in some countries you could use trade-name in the ad-text.

Read the trade-name Policy;


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