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Trademark in ad

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Hi,i am a Velux window installer i would like to use the trademark name Velux in my ad but is disapproved.I heard there is a way of asking the company for permission to use their trademark,how would i go about this?Thank you

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September 2015

Re: Trademark in ad

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I can understand your situation. If you are the tredemark owner then just send the 3rd Party Authorisation Request Or

you can also mail to sure to include the trademark term in question, the entire text of the ad and keywords, and the customer ID number of your AdWords account. It can also be helpful if you include a screenshot of your ad.


Find more help here Trade Mark Help For Advertiser.



 Hope it helps.


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Re: Trademark in ad

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Hello BMHI,


Welcome to adwords  community,

There are multiple factors that determine when trademarks can be used in AdWords ads and as keywords.For more information Go with this link,