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Told by GOOGLE to ignore adwords emails form GOOGLE

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Hi all

I had posted this in webmasters forum and was directed here.

Let me first say, our site is not perfect at all. It is not listed here, as this is more of a comment email on changes in organic search from algo changes, crawling and paid listings.

This question/comment ws posted in webmasters forum as it all started when we saw a drop in organic traffic (no manual penalty) and have received some great feedback from volunteers that hopefully will improve traffic in time.

We also decided to engage more with Adwords so started a campaign. We are new to all this so excuse if we are catching up with others here.

After a short while on our camapign, we got a marketing call to action email from Google Adwords:

"Write great ads to

reach more customers.

We notice you have only one AdWords ad. Writing compelling ads for

each of your products or services can help improve your performance.

Want free help writing great ads?

Call 1800 812 558*

Talk to an AdWords expert now."

Looking further down the email  I received, I saw that the ad displayed was not the current ad which was stopped some weeks previously.

Of course I rang. I was then told on the phone that I should ignore the adwords marketing emails as the ads were displaying incorrectly.

The google member of staff was truly excellent so this is not about service and I want that to be clear. It is about that google having two systems. One for ads and one for marketing and that they seem not to be "live" or "in-sync" with each other. This is the follow-up email I received which I felt was supportive.

"I just wanted to follow up with you after our talk the other day. I spoke with the members of the team who generate the emails you received. They have confirmed it was a technical error on our part and you should not have received that email as it contained incorrect data that was understandably confusing.

They are currently working on a fix to ensure this doesn't happen again. Unfortunately it was just one of those errors that went by unnoticed, so thanks very much for bringing it to our attention.

Apologies for the confusion it caused you. As we discussed on the phone, I completely understand why you would be concerned about the ads not appearing, but I can assure you they were running fine the whole time; unfortunately the email was just showing an incorrect ad to you, which suggested otherwise.

I hope this clears things up a bit for you. Again, thanks so much for letting me know about this issue. If you receive these emails again, do have a look into the account to confirm which ads are appearing. And if you have  any further concerns, please feel free to give us a call and we can look into it for you. But hopefully, with our technical team working on fixing the emails, we shouldn't see them being sent out incorrectly again in future."

In the email, I was told that we shouldn't see this happening again, but low and behold I received another incorrect email today.

I rang this morning and was told to ignore the marketing emails for the next week or two!!!! (note that in the US over 15,000 small business close in this time). The agent also blurted out "unbelievable" but quickly apologised so I must presume that this was said an error.

I was told I had to assume that the ads were running correctly but I know what **bleep** means as well.

My questions are:
Has this happened to anyone else as an error on one account seems strange?
Can we know our ads or displaying correctly if such a error can happen so easily on the marketing side of the google house? (If it happened the other way round no ads would display correctly)

Human error is one thing, and that happens, but when the system makes mistakes how can we be sure what is displayed (1000's of ad captures a bit impossible to check!).

Thought I would share this.


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Re: Told by GOOGLE to ignore adwords emails form GOOGLE

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Hi Des,


Thanks for sharing that. I find athere is a big disconnect between AdWords and the marketing department. It may or may not be by design, I have no idea.


You wrote, "Human error is one thing, and that happens, but when the system makes mistakes how can we be sure what is displayed (1000's of ad captures a bit impossible to check!)." The only thing I can say is Humans built the System, and while the bugs are few, they do exist. Personally, I ignore the marketing messages and go by what the AdWords UI shows.

Best of Luck!




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