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Tired of Account under review

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My Account had been suspended citing the reason that billing information could not be verified.After 3-4 days of calling and mailing google support my account was unsuspended. Basically i have two credit cards in my account and my threshold limit is $500. Now both the cards had a total of $300 balance. so to clear the due i introduced a new card . So my account was suspended. but as mentioned it came out of suspension after making google understand the situation. In the evening itself i was happy to see that the ads are running. Now again at night the same day i see the account is again under review. Again in 10 mins or so it was showing the ads. and withing 1/2 hr it again went back to under review. tis is very frustrating. i called all my employees to office as i expected to run my business from tonight. Now this **bleep** account is not working. i am ready to make any kind of changes required to my campaigns but i need a tleast google to mention why is it happening. They wont provide any reason and put the account under review.And i spent a lot on this account ie almost $2.5k last month which is quite a lot coz i pay in INR.So would someone from google inform me what needs to be done and hwo to do that or is it time to close my business.


 by the way.... some points.


i use my own personal credit card.

i have a current outstanding balance of $95 whereas my thereshold is $500

All disaprooved ads are removed or edited as soon as mail or inimation is received

Me and only one more person access the account both having static IP address. So no unauthoirzed login

This account has ran fine without problems for 1 month

Tried contacting adwords support team through phone but as soon as i punch in my cust id it says that account is suspended and hangs up the phone though the account is now unsuspended

If i try to access customer support through new user they bluntly say that they cant help me and forwards me the exsisting users phone number. So basically i am in a loop.

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Re: Tired of Account under review

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Hello Tanmoy;

What was said in the suspension email you received?

Please share your website URL

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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