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Tip 6 - Last in our AdWords Ads Review Series: The Resubmit Button

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Hi Community! 


I’m back with the last of our posts in this series. We know that it takes up to three business days for your ads to be reviewed, but >90% are reviewed within the first 24 hours. We also know that >60% of disapprovals are due to 6 reasons, so we can avoid those and have our ads running sooner!


Here are our last few tips for now:


• Fixed your website, and need your disapproved ads re-reviewed?


If your ads were disapproved for issues on your website that are now fixed, you can resubmit the entire campaign for review with just one click!

Smiley Happy Resubmitting your ads this way will not affect your ads' statistics.

Smiley Sad However, resubmitted ads may get disapproved again if not compliant with our policies. 


Step by step instructions on how to use this link are available on our Help Center.

Here is an image that tells you where to spot the Resubmit button!


Adwords post.png




• Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns and wondering about the Ads Review Process?


We’re excited that you’re exploring the potential of enhanced campaigns and reaching out to your customers at the right place and time. Please know that merging your campaigns may mean that your ads need to be reviewed again. This process can take up to three business days, but as explained before, most happen within 24 hours.




That’s it for now folks! I’m sad that our series is over, but I hope this information will help you create beautiful ads that are compliant and you can reach your potential customers sooner! Thank you for your questions and comments, it’s been great to be here.


Talk to you soon! Smiley Happy


P.S. Before I go, here are some helpful resources to bookmark:

In case you missed the previous posts in the series, this is where you can find them: 

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Re: Tip 6 - Last in our AdWords Ads Review Series: The Resubmit Button

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Thanks, Saarini.

This was our last post in this series. Hope you enjoyed it!