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Tip 4: How to avoid AdWords ad disapprovals? (Part II)

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Hi All,


We are continuing the series this week with some quick tips on how to avoid common Editorial violations. Here they are:


Your ad cannot include gimmicky, excessive and/or inappropriate punctuation, symbols, capitalization


For example, here’s what’s not okay:

      • An exclamation mark in the ad headline!

      • Repeated punctuation or symbols.....

      • TyPiNg LiKe ThIs

      • 0r L1ke thi$


Here’s what’s considered acceptable:

      • Intercapitalization Like This

      • Common abbreviations like ‘USD’ and ‘BTW’

      • Common usage of symbols like ‘5* hotel’


Want to know more?


• Details on our Editorial Standards Policy are available here - or you can watch these videos below!




Hope you’re a pro now! Watch out next week for some helpful ways to troubleshoot these issues in your own accounts. In the meantime, have questions or feedback? Shoot!


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Re: Tip 4: How to avoid AdWords ad disapprovals? (Part II)

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