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This keyword is triggering other ads with a similar keyword:

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 what can i do with this? This keyword is triggering other ads with a similar keyword:


Re: This keyword is triggering other ads with a similar keyword:

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Only one ad or keyword search will win the auction to present your ad for that users search query. The choice is determined by Bid, Quality Score, Ad Rank, etc to determine which is the best "keyword" to display your ad.

What can you do.

Depending on how important those terms are, You can restructure your campaign to tightly focus each campaign and adgroup really tight for a few select keywords, and utilize negative keywords for other ad groups with to force all query terms to trigger the Keyword and or ad groups you desire.

The main thing is to determine if the keyword that is similar is really needed. You may find out that the term you are looking at is just a match type difference of another keyword. You can attempt to improve the Quality score, adjust the bids to attempt to guide the keyword query to you desired adgroup and keyword.

If you have match types for say :
Blue Widgets ( broad match)
[Blue Widgets ( Exact Match)
+Blue +Widgets ( broad match modifier)
"Blue Widgets

if the use types in Blue Widgets as a keyword search query, only one of those terms will win the bid, and the other 4 options in the examples will not show. You can attempt to adjust which will show based on a bid structure where as the Exact make is significantly higher the the other version, and or you make determine that that you may not need other versions. That is determined by your data, which brings you the best CPC, QS, and eventually Conversions rates and ROI.

The main take away is that Only one keyword will win the Auction regardless of ad group, campaign etc.