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Thank you everyone who helped.

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Re: Account got suspended and not sure why - billing or editorial not

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Please read the "health care and medicine" section of the Policy; (Though I assume you have read, because a disclaimer was added...)
This product cannot be promoted on Google, irrespectively to the nature of the claims made (i.e weather the claims are true or not).
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Re: Account got suspended and not sure why - billing or editorial not

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Hello SuraGel S,


unfortunate your suspension, maybe I can shed some light on the subject; however, the details of your website are not visible to me in this forum.  Can you post your website again?


Now back to the suspension.....


First of all, sometimes after an account is reinstated, it takes a few days for the suspension bar to disappear.  You can still run traffic but for some reason that bar stays there.  I have that happen frequently to my clients I help get unsuspended.


Second, if the account is really still suspended, then I would look at who's been accessing the hard account, i.e. the account owner and their billing is in US, but someone outside of US is accessing the hard account.  This often raises a red flag.


Third, multiple accounts.  Have you ever opened an AdWords account before?  If you did, was it suspended?


Fourth, coupons are a killer if used improperly.


Well, I could go on and on but without the specifics, I can't really say how to help.  Please post more specifics so we can help.

Re: Account got suspended and not sure why - billing or editorial not

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Without knowing more about your suspension, I would say the User Safety violation you received was a "Misleading and Inaccurate Claims" suspension.


After looking at the site, its hard to believe they unsuspended the account without demanding changes, but AdWords compliance is part objective and part subjective.  Maybe whoever re-reviewed the site thought everything looks good.


However, that reviewer would be mistaken.  Because your product crosses medical treatments, it is related to the healthcare and medicines policy, but the biggest issue is misleading and inaccurate claims.  There are A LOT of unsubstantiated claims on the many to count, which would trigger a User Safety suspension pretty easy and this is without seeing how agressive your ads where, which by the looks of your website, was probably pretty agressive.


Now that being said, your account was unsuspended and you said it was suspended again potentially for billing or security risk.  


Did you speak with google about the billing/ security risk and if so, what did they say?

Re: Account got suspended and not sure why - billing or editorial not

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Based upon the info so far, I have narrowed down the issues potentially plaguing you.  Please answer the following questions:


1. (This is what I would look at first)  Have you EVER opened an AdWords account besides this one before?


2. Who placed the billing in the account?  Was it the account holder or someone else?