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Suspension due to identified suspicious behavior in the payment

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After Creation of Campaign & Adgroup I added only a few keyword.  Google then send the following message:


We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of your AdWords account (customer ID <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>) or a connected account. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts and stopped your ads from running.

I did not found any issues with my website & I did not know why it got suspended.  The website was just create and it only has one adwords account.  Debit card was used and contacted bank to make sure that account was in good standing. 

Please kindly help me on this to activate my ads & campaign in to running status

if found any issues please give me a detail breakup regarding to my website so that we can fix this issue

Website is


Eagerly waiting response as early as possible
Thank you


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Re: Suspension due to identified suspicious behavior in the payment

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Hi Kenneth,

From the limited information in your post, it looks like perhaps your account was temporarily suspended because AdWords believes there may be strange activity in your account. It doesn't sound like the account was suspended because you are suspected of doing something wrong, but rather, your activity makes it look like someone gained unauthorized access, so they probably just want to make sure that the activity is authorized.

First thing to do;
1) log into your AdWords account
2) at the top, go to Tools, and then Change History
3) look through your change history to make sure that no one else has made any changes that you didn't authorize
4) then, contact AdWords support, and they should be able to help you lift the suspension if indeed there wasn't any unauthorized activity

Again, this is just my assessment from the limited information above. It looks like they're just trying to protect you, because some activity looks suspicious.

Hope this helps.

Re: Suspension due to identified suspicious behavior in the payment

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Thank you very much. We just changed the method of payment to a bank account and verified the account. We will avoid credit cards in the future. I hope this works.