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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Suspension due billing adress verification

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I just setup our Google adwords account, made a $150 payment and created an add that was verified and approved. 24 hours later my account is suspended because my "billing information can't be verified"? When I call customer service at 1-866-246-6453 and enter my google account number I get an automated message saying my account is suspended because of policy violation??

How do I figure out what when wrong? My credit card is fine, and I am not aware of any policy violation... I have read the policy guideline four times ..This is very frustrating; someone please help. Tried to contact support thru the phone and online forms but always get generated replies ..

thanks .

Suspension due billing adress verification

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Hi Danil,


That certainly seems weird and frustrating! I'm surprised the helpline couldn't help you out better. Did you get a chance to speak with an actual rep at Google? They should be more helpful than an automated message Smiley Sad


So you read the policy guidelines, did you check out any of their articles on how to fix a suspended account?


You can also submit your account for review which can get you more answers. Also, check your junk mail settings as Google typically sends out an email if your account is suspended, and gives you the reason why. 


Good Luck!

Suspension due billing adress verification

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Hey, Ruthy B

well I've got once a rep on line and he said to wait me after I asked him that question . Few seconds later I've got transferred to voice mail robot that says "your account is suspended ". I've checked my profile and made sure all my personal / billing information is correct . Submitted few accounts reviews / fix suspended account , but a few hours later I receive the same e-mail that says "Youe account is suspended of Google policy violations ". Once I got a lady on the line after a few days I got suspended she said I have problem with my billing information but she cannot do anything. I will appreciate any of your help Ruthy B.

Re: Suspension due billing adress verification

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Hey Ruthy B ,
Thank you for trying to help me . The problem is ive tried to contact
google support team with a different ways ,
Tried to contact support and then a lady answered the phone and ive asked
her what is really the reason my account got suspended . She said the
problem is with my billing information . After ive tried to call another
time to google support a guy answered the phone and ive explained him my
problem and he said to wait a minute he wanted to check something and then
a call transfered to automatic voice that says your account got suspended .
Wrote many many e-mails to support team and got automatic message that
"your account violates google ad policies "
But the main reason is that "google cannot verify billing information "
after i go to Adwords Help Desk..
Never heard a call back from google agent\support.
Hope its gonna get fixed . Please help