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Suspended tech support

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Hello Everybody,


My adwords account went live about 7 days ago, and it has been under review ever since.   When I got on with chat support, the agent said she would look into it, and I immediately received an email saying my account was in danger of being suspended.  


I called the support line and the agent I spoke with confirmed that I was indeed suspended, and I would need to submit an appeal after the issues had been corrected.  


I am in the tech support industry, and I have been successfully running ads with Bing for the past year.  I spent 2 months building my website from scratch to make sure that it was completely compliant with every adwords policy I could find, especially user safety, knowing that I was going into the fiercly hard to get approved tech industry category.


The suspension i received said I was suspended because of user safety, but I can't for the life of my figure out what could possibly need to change about my website or landing page, because I don't feel there is anything causing a user safety risk.  


here is my site:


This is extremely frustrating.  I have a $15,000 per week PPC budget, and I would love to give that money to google rather than Bing, but I am being suspended without ever being given a chance because of what has happened in the third party tech support industry the past 6 months.  


The rep I spoke with over the phone looked at my site and said she couldn't see anything wrong with it, except for the fact that google is being extremely cautious about remote support because of the high amount of user complaints that have come from the industry.  She said the only thing she could see that might possibly help would be to convince the review team that I offer local, in person computer repair as well as nationwide repair.  


I just wanted to check with this forum and see if anyone can find any possible violation with my site other than the simple fact that google is being extremely careful about third party remote tech support.  I truly don't belive there is any violation of user safety, I know i'm just being suspended because Google thinks I am a shady tech support company.  


We have helped close to 20,000 customers in the past 6 months, and we are rapidly growing with the help of bing and other advertising avengues, but being allowed to advertise on google would literellay change our entire business.  We have a physical location in Chandler, AZ, and I will do whatever I need to to prove to google that I am a real business owner with a legitimate service.  


Is there anything besides wasting my time with a suspension appeal that I can do?  I would love to get assigned to an actual google ads rep who could help me work through any of these issues, and verify that I am in fact a real business owner based in Chandler, AZ.  I really do have a $15,000/week PPC budget, does that in any way at least get me a conversation with an ad manager at google, or am I still too small of an advertiser?


I appreciate any possible feedback, this is really frustrating after spending over a month carefully getting things ready and perfectly compliant as far as I could tell.


Thanks again.



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Re: Suspended tech support

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Google Employee

Hi Taylor,


I have referred this post to our support team. You should receive correspondance via an email from adwords-support. If you do not please check your spam box. 

Re: Suspended tech support

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Taylor-Tech support nothing can be done. Keep in mind google dont care whether you are 15k$ per week or 15k$ per year. What matter is the the policies? I have tech support people who have 50k$ per week and still google not accepting them. So try to find out the voilation and remove that. Google wont disclose the reason and neither it would help you in setting things up. Educate your self about adwords and than appeal.