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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Suspended due to unauthorised free software...

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Hello everyone, I hope you are well. 


So I've recently taken over looking after Adwords at my place of work and wanted to make the adverts more appropriate to our keywords. I changed the landing page to a contact form and download button but this was disproved due to minimal content on that page - fair enough. 


I then changed the landing page back to my home page, but then got disproved because I had free trial in the ad (Please note that it said this before I changed the landing page). I was then advised to request to be authorised to advertise free desktop software. I just wanted to advertise a free 30 day trial but was told I needed to do it - fair enough. (I'd also added more content to the page).


Come into work today and noticed that my site had been suspended because TOS & EULA were not shown on the trial page. I then told Google (who have been very helpful and professional by the way) that I will take free trial, free download etc out of all my ads, make sure the landing page is to the home page (basically revert to normal). 


I've now been told that the site will still need to reviewed and I will need to "pause" the trial page. I cannot do that as this is the only action we have on our website. I was told this is the case even though I had updated the ads. I then requested that they revoke my form to advertise free software and just leave it as it was (because there was no problem before). Not heard back yet and now site is still suspended. 


If anyone has any experience with this please assist. 


Thanks for taking the time to read. 

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Re: Suspended due to unauthorised free software...

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google is constantly reviewing and re-reviewing ads, landing-pages, websites,
businesses, business-practices, business-models, and products or services,
for compliance with existing, new, or updated policies -- having something
tagged with a policy-flag, that was no problem before, is certainly possible.


the email from google is usually critical to understanding the issues
and what needs to be fixed -- generally, the original ad and original
landing-page and site that were flagged must be fixed; pausing ads
or abandoning advertised pages are typically not considered fixes.


for issues due to free-software or similar consider the following checklist:


(1) verify the eula/tos are clearly visible -- either directly or as a link.


(2) verify install and uninstall instructions are clearly visible --
either directly or as a link; regardless of any integration with
any operating-system's package-handling, or how simple,

intuitive, easy, obvious, or well-known, those tasks may be.


(3) verify the eula/tos, and un/install instructions are easy to locate and
available, both before and after, any software is purchased or installed --
on the website and landing-pages.


(4) verify that the authorization-to-distribute form has been
submitted for any free or free-trial software -- even if the
software's authoritative-source and advertiser are identical.


(5) verify all download-flows match the expected behavior of the
software's intended-use, any unexpected behavior is prevented,
and all functionality is fully transparent.


(6) verify there is no malware or similar -- within the
software being downloaded, anyplace on the site, or
linked from the site or from any downloaded-software.


(7) verify that the software and website do not violate any google policies.


otherwise, the best likely course is to continue working with
the support-teams that have already been assigned the case.


that said, depending on the newly reviewed issues,
some suspensions are simply permanent, so nothing
can be done to change the policy-team's decision --
if so, google will typically not offer any updated details
nor additional information.


see also


Suspended due to unauthorised free software...

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Thank you for your very detailed reply. It looks like I will just have to keep liaising with the support team.I wish I'd never bothered trying to advertise a free trial in the first place!


Thanks again.