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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Suspended due to User Safety - What to do?

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So my account has been under review for the past week or so and today I finally got an email telling me

a website I put up on my adwords account was suspended due to 'User Safety'.


I've looked at the user safety policy and it's not immediately clear to me what I need to do to make it compliant, or what

I've done wrong.


My site is:


If someone who is more experienced with this could take a look and let me know what I can do, that would be

much appreciated.


I don't want to get my account permanently banned because I have my blog up on adwords which has been

on there (without a problem) for some time now and so my whole adwords account is suspended until I sort

out the issue with the above site.


P.S., my actual ads are fine, they don't claim anything unrealistic, contain illegal content or exaggerated


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Re: Suspended due to User Safety - What to do?

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Hi Ja31,


Welcome to the Community!


This is pretty clear to me...


By saying this: "P.S., my actual ads are fine, they don't claim anything unrealistic, contain illegal content or exaggerated

claims." are you implying that you understand that your site is indeed violating the User Safety Policy with unrealistic claims?


Here's just one piece of the policy:  "Promote products with realistic, credible, and reasonable claims"


In my opinion, you definitely are in violation and I didn't need to read past the "lower your handicap overnight" claim.  That kind of statement just isn't going to work.  Take a look at this thread, I was just posting about a different version of User Safety violations.  Google will pick your site apart, it must be perfect and have no questionable claims at all.  It's very challenging to abide by these policies when you have products like this but I suppose it can be done.


There could also be further issues as well but I didn't read the other few pages. 


Good Luck!






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Re: Suspended due to User Safety - What to do?

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This is my opinion only:


According to your website:


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Review your website and make sure that users are receiving a comprehensive online experience. This may include ensuring that users remain on the same domain throughout their entire session.


Please see the references below:

User Safety

Bridge Page



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