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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Suspended, Followed Given Instructions, Ignored.

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Hey everyone.


I have been very frustrated with Google for months now. I run a social marketing services website tailored to offering services to grow fan pages and social media accounts. Google insists to put everyone in one "basket" of "spamming social networks".


Anyway I received first warning that my website violates site and landing page policies and it said that my ads WERE STOPPED. Here's the biggest mistake of my life. I DIDN'T LOGIN to Adwords since that happened. Left everything as is and decided to look into it later since I was very busy. After all, it said the ads WERE STOPPED so things should remain as is.


Now the big bang, I get another email saying my account has been permanently suspended due to REPEATED violations of adwords landing page and site policies when I hadn't EVEN touched the account since they stopped the ads.


I was really frustrated and talked to support on the phone, told them I'm gonna remove my whole website from Adwords and would never promote it again, but just let me promote my other websites. She said NO, the website must be made compliant first. From all the frustration I changed my whole business model to a social media blog, articles, just ARTICLES.


I submitted for review, and told them what the agents on the phone had said. They said they can't do anything as the account is permanently suspended. After following each and every instruction they had given me, they still replied negatively.


How could I possibly repeatedly violate the policy if YOU had stopped the ads yourself and I didn't login to the account since?


Even though I felt it is already very unfair to put us all in the same basket of "spamming social networks", I still had no issues not promoting the site at all with Google. But they still suspended me.


Always automated responses, always links to policies, never a direct, human authored reply.


If there's any way, any way at all I can get my account back, please share the information.


Thank you very much!

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Hello Akkari; Based on my experience; had you logged into...

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Hello Akkari;

Based on my experience; had you logged into your AdWords account and made the website in compliance with Policy immediately after the first warning, you would have been in a complete different scenario,...

Since that had not been done, and the account was blocked, I do not see any appeal procedure that will result in account being un-suspended, Smiley Sad






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Re: Hello Akkari; Based on my experience; had you logged into...

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Thanks a ton for the response. I had given up back then but had started the process again now and it seems a lot more promising, however I've a frustrating dilemma and have created a new thread for it, if you can take a look, it would be great: