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Suspended Adwords Account

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Nice to know I am not the only one out here with Google issues.

I'm talking suspended adwords accounts

In my case I own the URLs but have no idea how they offend, or if indeed they do offend.

All I asked Google to do is tell me what is offensive so that I can rectify.  My particular niche when the account was suspended back in 2009 was Golf GPS.  As far as I know that is pretty harmful with grannies and children alike.

My site URL is and had been running successfully for some time.  Suddenly and with no prior warning the account was suspended.

BTW that site has not been updated since (there was no point with Google and Golf GPS models have since evolved quite dramatically so I am happy to even remove it - actually I thought I had)
I think I will simply move on - no big deal as I haven't bothered to advertise in years.

But here is what gets me.  When I log into my account a pop-up appears telling me that they have updated my account for enhanced something or other but right behind that is the "your account has been suspended message"

I certainly don't expect anything positive to come from this post but what the hell just so you know I am one of the many annoyed customers.

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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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I don't know if 100% is the right number, I do know at least one example of a very decent website which was advertised through shareasale, but you may be close.

Affiliates would be very safe if a website owner who allows affiliates would be fair towards his affiliates and would either do its best to keep its website compliant at any time or if they would warn their affiliates that they do not respect the AdWords TOS.

Unfortunately, many of them do not. For a very, very good reason: they are in for a sprint and a quick buck, not for a lifetime devoted to healthy exercising.

If anybody takes the time to read AdWords' policies they will find that they are very much user-safety and user-comfort-centered. Don't harvest their e-mail addresses, don't annoy them with pop-ups, state who you are very clearly, stay away from unfounded / misleading claims, etc., etc. Stick to honest, verifiable, sustainable and long-term businesses, not cheap trick ones and so on. Don't sell them all sorts of alternative remedies or supplements or miracle products. Don't make them think they can get rich quick, etc., etc.

How may website owners who allow affiliates follow the same rules? Not many.

Who's listed under "collateral damage" when anything bad happens? You guessed right: the affiliates. The expendables. The "a dime a dozen" ones, who come and go, are born, live a short life and then die. Who pockets the money? The larger sums? The affiliates, right, it must be them, because they're the ones who put in all the work. No. It's the website owners.

Again, I'm sorry, Lawrence, as I'm not sure if it helps you in any way. I'm just trying to put some things into perspective here.
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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Hi Lawrence, there are other reasons for suspension than just the website itself and we'd need to know a lot more about your Account before we could help.


Since you're talking about something that happened nigh on 4 years ago now, it's even possible that the rules have changed substantially since that time.


The notice about Enhanced Campaigns applies to all Accounts and it's not surprising that it's been applied to yours since many suspensions can be lifted when the reason is resolved.  


As a matter of interest, if the last time you looked at the Account was in 2009 then I can say with some confidence that one reason for being suspended now may be your billing information, which could well be out of date if you used a credit/debit card.



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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Hi Jon

I take it that you work for Google.

yes it has been 4 years ago and all my accounts were at your (google's) fingertips if they cared to look at the time.

This is the first that I have heard that the problem can be resolved after trying desperately to find out exactly what the problem was for about a year.  If there was (is) a problem that I don't know about surely the easiest solution is to tell me what it is rather than give me a life sentence.

It certainly wasn't the billing at the time and even if it was then a simple:

"Hello Valued Customer,

We note that your billing details (credit card expiration) are due for an update.  

Please note this will need to be done for your ads to continue.  We thank you for using Google Adwords and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.  With fondest love the Google Adwords Team"


Instead I am sentenced in abstention and executed without warning!  And I understand I am one of many.


So I ask again what was the problem?
What more do you need to know about my golf GPS account or any other campaigns that I ran and I cannot think there were any although I did consider trying a few others?  None of which threatened World Peace by the way.


If I update my billing details can I trust Google not to deduct funds from my account just because they feel they can despite the fact that I don't owe them anything?


I really enjoy the "Your account has been enhanced" message.  It is the kindest thing Google has done for me.  I stare at it all day.  Heart


Let's get real:  

What do I have to do to reinstate my account if I want to?




Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Hi Lawrence, no, I don't work for Google, I'm an independent AdWords consultant but I do know a fair bit about suspensions.  Be wary, not all suspensions can be reversed; some are permanent and cannot be overturned so if your reason was one of these there will be no way back.


However, since I don't work for Google I can't tell you what your reason was - and in fact neither can the Googlers who do post here.  The only people that can help you are AdWords Support themselves.  What I will say is that the support system has changed for the better, certainly compared to four years ago.  I had a client suspended a while back and I received an email that detailed exactly the reason for the suspension and the specific Policy that was being breached and in most cases this sort of email will be sent out these days.


There are good reasons for not always revealing the exact reason for suspension, it's simply that in some cases to reveal the exact issue would provide useful information for the very large number of people out there who spend their days attempting to misuse the AdWords system.  If the information from Google is too specific then it would allow them to devise methods to bypass the detection systems.


As I said, support has improved vastly in the past four years so I would recommend you contact AdWords support and give them a try.


Contact AdWords Support

Whatever happens - good or bad - please do come back here and tell us.



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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Thanks Jon


While I understand there are people that abuse any system (and even more so where money is involved) it is rather sad that GOOGLE simply suspended thousands of accounts with no explanation.  A high percentage of those account holders seem to be totally in the dark about why their accounts were suspended and are unable to enter into any dialogue.


Reading the various posts here on the this very issue and indicates that Google don't give a toss.


I have contacted Adwords support on a number of occasions and have received the same reply I got years ago - refer to TOS.  As you said earlier those TOS have probably changed in 4 years.


Anyway thanks for popping by and giving your input - I'm glad someone has found their support to have improved.


Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Hello again Lawrence;
Thanks for opening a new discussion for your case;
As Jon explained, Google does not reveal the suspension reason, and suspension could be permanent;
We could though try to "identify" the policy section violated;
When you login to your account - there is a red bar on the top: What is the exact text in this warning ?
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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Hi Lawrence, I can assure you that everyone I have ever met within Google - certainly those that I deal with here on this Community on a daily basis - very much do care about AdWords users and it is unfair to paint these people with a label when you know nothing about them.


It is the unfortunate nature of forums such as this that the negative comments tend to outweigh the positive.  We find often that people make their way here only as a last resort and reading the negative comments here can therefore give an inaccurate impression.  I can tell you that some of the most vociferous complaints on this board you may have read come from people who are deliberately trying to conceal black-hat behaviour and/or who know very well why they have been suspended and are just trying to buck the system.  I myself have been taken in more than once by posters who appeared to be innocent victims but who, on closer inspection, were found to be hiding their true history and intentions.


It is, of course, also true to say that there are genuine cases which do not get served properly.  No one is perfect, not even Google, but it is unfair to claim that Google don't care and hurtful to the employees who work very hard on communities like this to try and help others.


As Moshe has said, if you'd like us to try and get to the bottom of the reasons for your suspension we'll do so, but you're going to have to help us, and yourself, and simply continuing to claim that Google don't care won't achieve anything when we are reaching out to you.  No, we're not Google employees, but Google operates the Top Contributor program (both Moshe and myself are Top Contributors) precisely because we are able to assist in supporting AdWords users.  We are, if you like, an extension of the support system you are claiming doesn't care.


Please come back to us with the details of your suspension message, and lets try and solve this.



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Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Moshe and Jon

Isn't it interesting that after about 4 years and pleading I finally have someone who "wants to help" - but only after I have been nasty and sarcastic and beyond my limits.


I am 58 years old, been an Internet Affiliate marketer since 2006 and as far as I am aware I have never done anything remotely "black hat".  I am far too naive even at my age to do anything like that.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate University the day I started and as far as I am aware they have always run an honest ship.  I am sure you know of them.


The most heinous crime I have ever committed was to promote a **bleep** enlargement product - seems I was the big **bleep** not the product.


I believe emphatically in Internet Marketing and have had very little success.  The best I have done was through PPC and then my account got suspended.


I DO NOT WANT YOUR SYMPATHY BUT ….. my belief in this business as the only way I can survive my retirement and beyond has cost me everything I hold dear - I won't go into detail.  I am now living off capital and am quite frankly too scared to calculate how much longer I can survive for.  Please do not tell me Google care if they don't have the decency to answer simple questions.  The justice system in China is fairer than Google!


OK so you want to help.


Let's see.


My account number is: 359-480-7337

My log in details are as follows:

Deleted for security reasons after Coco offered to help.


Yes crazy giving you my details on a public forum with all the scallywags around.  So go change the password and e-mail me the new one when you have done so.




I bet you that you can't



PS I hate these stupid captchas swell

Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Community Manager
Hi Lawrence,

Firstly, I really would encourage you to remove your account/email/password details above. Since this a public forum, as you acknowledged, anyone could use that information to access your Google account.

As Jon pointed out, he and Moshe are not Googlers, so they won't always know the exact reason for an account or site being suspended.

What I'm going to do is pass your information along to one of specialists so they can analyze your account and provide you with as much detail as possible about the suspension. I do want to set the expectation that (as Moshe pointed out) some account suspensions are permanent and sometimes there's little information we can provide about the suspension, for security reasons. That said, I will convey that this lack of knowledge about the suspension cause is the main point of your frustration, so I will tell the specialist to try to provide as much detail as possible about it.

Re: Suspended Adwords Account

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Thanks Coco


Firstly I can't seem to edit my post to remove my details. OK found the edit button.


Secondly I will wait to hear from God Google.  If I don't then so be it - I am done as my stress levels are way too high and this is clearly not worth the hassle.