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Suspect cloaking / parked domain

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Hi all,

When I launch my campaigns, GoogleBot (GoogleAds Bot) crawls them. Sometimes, my sites are directly suspended by the "Domain parked" or "Cloacking suspect" policies. Some other times, the campaigns are first validated by Google but suspended in a period of time. 

In case the site is suspended, I ask for a human validation of the site. Normally, after this I get the approval of Google. Occasionally, not even the human check helps me get the approval of my ads for that specific site. In all cases, even if I got a disapproval, a further human revision and then an approval; my site is re-suspended in a short period of time by the same policy.


Even if I get my campaigns to run, sooner or later I always end up with the Cloaking suspension. Of course, in these cases, the approval is completely impossible to get.

I want to make clear, that my domains are safe sites that do not do cloaking. I would like to know how I could stop with these false positive cloaking detections.


Do you know or have any experience with these kind of issues? How could I check if my domain is clear of cloaking? I tried a lot of tools, none of them detect that I do cloaking in my sites.



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Re: Suspect cloaking / parked domain

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Hi there;
Usually this happens when the bot (crawling the site) flags a site which might be suspected in violation of Google's webmaster tool guidelines, or a site with "poor" content.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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