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Structured Snippet Extensions Disapproved

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Hello All,


I was trying to create a Structured Snippet Extension for one of my Advertiser with the following text:

Degree Program: CDL training, Class A training, Class B training. However, for an unknown reason, it got disapproved. Later, I attempted to create a new extension, i.e.: Courses: CDL training, Class A training, Class B training. But, this got disapproved too.


I've created the extensions based on the website content. Not sure why it gets disapproved since there's no specific reason mentioned for disapproval. 


Does anyone had faced the same problem? What is the solution? Please assist.




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June 2016

Re: Structured Snippet Extensions Disapproved

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Hi Rahil,


You can only highlight specific aspects of your products and services in Structure Snippets. These ad extensions provide context on the nature and variety of your products and services before clicking on your ads and gone through your website.


You have mentioned that in Degree Program: CDL Training, Class A Training

Training word will not use with Degree Program & Course Structure Snippets.

Please find below the Text Ads where only course name mentioned.

You Can use in Structure Snippets: Course: Commercial Driving License, CDL, Defensive Driving, if Class A is course then you can mentioned Class A & Class B also.

Please try as i have suggested. I hope this will work for you.