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Strange TM violation notice (for keywords, not just ads)

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I normally work for clients in the UK so anything goes (pretty much) as far as TM are concerned. You can even use TM terms in ad copy as long as you're marketing products of that company. What you can't do is, write ads likwe "Much better than Nike" and land on an Adidas page or vice versa.


But got a strange email forwarded to my by a client re: ad dissaproval.


They're database developers and work with variety of different technologies, one of them being mysql. 


The words that were banned are:


Ad Text:


{KeyWord:MySQL Database Creation}

No Fuss {KeyWord:MySQL Database} Experts Accepting New Projects Today!

[client detail removed]/MySQL_Database


Ad Status: Disapproved

Ad Issue(s): [Trademarks] Trademark in Ad Content or Keyword Insertion ~~~~~~~~~



Trademark(s): mysql


Keyword(s) that aren't eligible for keyword insertion: +hire +mysql

+developer, +hire +mysql +web +developer, +mysql +developer, +mysql

+developers, +mysql +developing, +mysql +development, +mysql development

++company, +mysql +development company, +mysql +web developer, +mysql

++web +developers, +mysql +web +development +company, mysql +website

++development, +mysql developing, build a mysql

database, build mysql database, building mysql database, custom software development services, mobile development services, my sql database design, mysql database design, mysql database developer, mysql database development, mysql development services, php mysql database application


What does this mean? Are the keywords banned as well? Or is it just the ad copy? Will the keywords be in the "all clear" if the ad text is changes?

Re: Strange TM violation notice (for keywords, not just ads)

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oops just realised there are two ++ in some of the keywords, blame my un-thought-out adwords editor skills when generating masses of keywords.