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Strange Click from

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Hi, our ads are targeting only US and Canada, but I got a lot of returning visitor from Egypt which comes from I wonder whether those click are fake one and they just clicked our ads for making money. If yes, Pls advise how google handles those fake click and how to report those strange click to google for removal.


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Strange Click from

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Community Manager

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for posting to the Community. You’ve surfaced a great question.


If you’re noticing clicks coming from outside of your selected locations, can you please confirm that you’ve chosen “people in your targeted location,” under advanced location options?


“People in your targeted location” allows you to show your ads only to anyone who is considered to be physically located within the area that you've targeted.


If people outside of your targeted area include terms related to your targeted locations in their searches, they won't see your ads. When using this targeting option, the location of interest such as location term in query is ignored.


Additionally, I’d suggest adding Egypt as a location exclusion. Also, you can exclude any IP addresses you may find suspicious.


However, rest assured that our system protects advertisers from invalid traffic by working to isolate and filter out potentially invalid interactions before they ever reach your account reports. Each interaction on an AdWords ad is examined by our system. Google looks at numerous data points for each interaction, including the IP address, the time of the interaction, any duplicate interactions, and various other interaction patterns.


When our system detects invalid interactions on your ads, we automatically filter these out of your reports so that you're not charged for them. However, you still have the option to view invalid interaction data if you'd like to. See the section below about "Viewing invalid interaction data" for information on how to view invalid interaction data in your account.


If we find invalid interactions that have somehow escaped our automated detection in the past two months, we'll give you credit for these interactions. To view these credits for invalid interactions, click the Billing tab. Any invalid interaction credits you've received will be labeled "Invalid activity" on the transaction history page and will be credited to you.


If we find any invalid impressions in your account, this data won't affect the CTR used for determining your keyword's Quality Score.


Last, if you’d like another analysis, our support team can request for an invalid click investigation on your account.


I hope this helps!