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Spam Techniques - Followups with Support & Still none the wiser

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# 1
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Firstly, I have read through many similar questions but cannot find a solution to my issue.


I received 2 messages (copied below) stating that my ad was disapproved, along with a suspension warning, with links to review to rectify the issue.  I have read through them exhaustedly with no idea still what the issue is.  This is my first attempt at using AdWords.  I am a local legitimate children's clothing business. I have no affiliate programs. My checkout uses PayPal. I am a retail site and my prices couldn't be clearer. All site content is my own.  Just to cover off those bases.

The reason stated was:     Spam Techniques.


I emailed support asking for some more specific direction.  I received a reply stating the problem could easily be rectified and would recieve a call today (which I did).  The representative was friendly, unfortunately I had trouble understanding his English so only caught snippits of the conversation.  He stated he would send me an email with a link to visit that would fix it all up and explain everything.  That is also copied below as Message #3.


I have absolutely no clue, still, as to what the problem is and am frustrated that I can't just be told specifically which part of the "Spam Techniques" my site or ad violates.


Would be very appreciative if anyone can see what the issue is?


Kind regards, Simone.


Message #1------------------------------------


We wanted to alert you that one of your sites violates our advertising 
policies. Therefore, we won't be able to run any of your ads that link to 
that site, and any new ads pointing to that site will also be disapproved.

Here's what you can do to fix your site and hopefully get your ad running 

1. Make the necessary changes to your site that currently violates our 

Display URL:

Policy issue: Spam techniques
Details & instructions:

2. Resubmit your site to us, following the instructions in the link above. 
If your site complies with our policies, we can approve it to start running 

Repeated violations of our advertising policies could result in a 
suspension of your AdWords account, so it's important to address any issues 
as soon as possible by reviewing our policies. To learn more about AdWords 
suspension policies, please visit

Yours Sincerely,
The Google AdWords Team

Message #2

We're emailing again to alert you that one or more of your sites violate 
our advertising policies. Please understand that any additional violations 
will result in the suspension of your AdWords account (Customer ID: 

How this affects your account:

Unfortunately, if you violate our policies again, your ads from this 
account and any related accounts won't be able to run, and you won't be 
able to open any new AdWords accounts. You can read more about AdWords' 
suspension policies at

What you can do to prevent your account from being suspended:

1. Make the necessary changes to your sites listed here that currently 
violate our policies:

Display URL(s):

Here are some instructions for reviewing the policy, fixing your site and 
then resubmitting it to us:
Please note that pausing or deleting an ad or ad group that advertises a 
suspended site will not fix the violation, and your account would still be 
at risk of being suspended until the issue with your site is resolved.

2. Review our advertising policies to make sure that all of your ads and 
sites comply with them:

If you believe that there's been an error, we want to help. Contact us by 
(you'll see our available support channels and hours listed there).

Yours Sincerely,

The Google AdWords Team

Message #3----------------------------------
Thank You for calling Google Adwords. I hope your conversation was fruitful. Smiley Very Happy
You can re-submit your site for reconsideration by going through the following link:
For questions related to your site, you can post it on the forum:
For types of violation:
If you have any further queries, please feel free to call us.

Hi , I can notice few issue with the site   1- The singup...

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# 2
Explorer ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi , I can notice few issue with the site


1- The singup form : You need to put a privacy poicly on site for capturing personal data (es- email).

2- Since you are selling item, so you need to mention you - return/refund policies, shipping details etc.

let see, other may give you better explanation.

Re: Hi , I can notice few issue with the site   1- The singup...

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# 3
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Thank you Anil.
Regarding the email signup - good point, however this isn't mentioned anywhere in the Spam Techniques nor Webmaster's Guidelines that were sent to me by Google to review (?)

The site does have a comprehensive refunds and returns policy under the FAQ menu, and the checkout page also has a message "Important! .....ensure you agree to ...." message next to the payment button encouraging them to review it, and also has a direct text link to it.

Re: Hi , I can notice few issue with the site   1- The singup...

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# 4
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Even, asking someone email id is sufficient to suspend website. So put a privacy policy near signup form and resubmit your site to review...
Again,, this can be one of the reason for suspension.