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Site suspended: usefulness

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I am new to adwords - my site has just been suspended.  The site is

At the moment it is just a teaser landing page, collecting email addresses for when the site goes live (which should be in about 1 month).  Is this the reason it has been suspended?  I have read through the policies, but can't see any other reason.  


Thanks for your help



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Re: Site suspended: usefulness

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Hi there;
Correct; Collecting personal information, as the main goal of the page - is not allowed
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Re: Site suspended: usefulness

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Yes I completely agree with MosheTLV, most probably yiur account will get suspended as once I had tried to run PPC campaigns with similar goal but my account got suspended even before the approval of ads (i.e. in the eligible status).

But still they consider a lot of other factors like what services and how you are advertising, disclaimer and privacy policy on the landing page, Physical address and contact no. on the landing page. Though you can have email address via other means like letting customers download whitepapers/newsletter/file with sign ups, apps.

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