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Site suspended "Phishing"

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Hello folks,

My site has been policy suspended for the past 6 days due to a "Phishing" violation.. now, there was an advert that was somehow put in there that did indeed flag Phishing antivirus networks. However this has now been solved. I have asked for a review and received the following today:

We have reviewed your site and found that it is still not in line with our policy Misrepresentation - Untrustworthy Behavior - Phishing. According to the policy, Concealing or misstating information about the business, product, or service are not allowed. Examples: Enticing users to part with money or information under false or unclear pretenses; presenting a false identity, business name, or contact information; charging users for products or services typically available for free; sites that are "phishing" for users' information.

We take untrustworthy promotions very seriously and consider them to be an egregious violation of our policies. Advertisers or sites that are found to be untrustworthy are not permitted to advertise with us again, so please err on the side of caution in being clear about the product, business, or service that you're promoting. Note that in determining whether an advertiser or site is untrustworthy, we may review information from multiple sources including your ad, website, accounts, and third party sources.

I would request you to make the necessary changes to the website and reply to this email thread so that I will be able to review the website again. Once the website will comply with all the Google policies, I would be glad to revoke the suspension from the website and approve all the corresponding ads.

-- Could someone PLEASE tell me where i am going wrong here? i have checked, re-checked, pulled the site apart and rebuilt and cannot for the life of me find what they are talking about. Any help appreciated,  The site is


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November 2016

Site suspended "Phishing"

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Hi Kevin,


There was another suspension reported here recently for a similar service. In my opinion, Google doesn't like your type of product and you won't be able to get it approved. Pirated content is definitely against Google's policies (or software/hardware for the same purpose), and whether or not the content you are indirectly selling is legal or not doesn't matter. If the perception of Google staff is that it could be illegal, you don't have a chance.


The reason for suspension doesn't always align with the actual reason, as Google prefers not to provide any clues to people they think might try to break the rules again in the future.



Site suspended "Phishing"

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@Kevin C

Your  business model violates the copyright section of the Policy. (You are offering  video copyrighted content without authorization: "Kodi enables you to access a massive and varied amount of media which includes streaming live sports, new and old movies, live TV and boxsets, XXX content and much more for FREE")


This is a severe violation which results in an instant suspension.

 You cannot advertise with Google, and I'm afraid this is for good.


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