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Site suspended (Not getting help to solve the issue)

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Hello, I am quite new to Adwords.


For a few days I was running some video campaigns without problems. However, once I decidede to link to my site instead of one of my videos, then my site got suspended right away. (This was around a week ago.)


The reasons given was "Misleading or unrealistic promotions".


Landing Page:
target market: spanish speakers in US


Since I am not selling any "extreme weight loss products" or "Miracle Cures"... I don't really understand the reason why my site was suspended.


I have been contacting Google US via phone several times with the hope that somebody could explain where my site violates the guidelines, but haven't had any luck.


First- The next day or so after my first callin I was told the policy specialists were investigating my issue. However, a few days later I received another follow up email telling that the policy specialists couldn't review my site in full as most of the content is in Spanish and they don't have any Spanish speaking representatives to review my site.


So they recommended me to contact spanish support in this link:


Yesterday, I called again and requested for spanish support (although my Spanish is not perfect) and finally could talk with a lady who speak Spanish, so I thought she could have a look into my site and tell me where the problem was, however to my surprise all she advised me was to go and read the advertising policies (which I already did), that she could not tell me where or what is the problem with my site. Smiley Sad


So, now I am here, hoping that somebody could help me with this issue.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Site suspended (Not getting help to solve the issue)

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Hi Anna,

No one in this community can see into the policy team's decision directly, but I can get you started with a couple things to look out for, that I've seen get flagged for this policy before:

-You can't make claims that any solution will have permanent results (ex. lose weight forever or something similar).
-Any claims like "lose 5lbs in one week" or "we'll help you loose 50lbs" need to have a disclaimer on the page, and may only be allowed in testimonials
-You cannot make any sort of guarantees

I can't analyze your site for things like these because it's in Spanish, and I the subtlety of some of these restrictions gets lost in translation, but I hope this provides a starting point of things to look for.


Re: Site suspended (Not getting help to solve the issue)

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Hi Cassie,


Thank you very much for your tips.


After going thru them I got a few doubts:


1- If I'd say something like "we will help you lose weight" (without specific numbers)... Should I also include disclaimer on the page? even though I have a link to my disclaimer page in the footer of every page of my site?


2- Do all what you mentioned apply to the whole content on the site or only to sales and landing page?


For example: in a post where I give some recommendations on the best foods to eat for a healthy weight loss and at the end of the post I say something like "this type of foods will help you lose weight". So in this case I also must add a disclaimer on the page? (without specific numbers or promises)

Again, thank you very much, I will re-verify everything on the site.


PS: I honestly think Google support could be more helpful regarding this topic.

Re: Site suspended (Not getting help to solve the issue)

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Hi Anna,

Unfortunately I can't speak to specific phrases and language you can and cannot use on the site--for that, you need to refer to the policies on this page and continue working with the policy team. But the information I mentioned above, as well as specifics, are all on the policy page here: