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Site policy: website cant be advertised

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I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my site for the last few days, what policy I apparently did not adhere to, all to no avail. The subject line is the given error.


Attached below is the same email i keep receiving:


Take action to ensure your ad is running.     Your Customer ID: <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>

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There's an important issue with your account.
Your ad may not be running.     New ad alert: ITISZA   Your ad was disapproved.
Reason: Site policy: website can't be advertised ITISZA Pty (Ltd)
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  If you edit your ad to comply with our policies, we'll take a look to see if it can start running again. We've sent you a separate email with details on the disapproved ad.   Fix   Read more about our suspension policies in the Help Center.    

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This is the message in my AdWords account:

Your promotion is not running because your ad was disapproved. - Disapproval reason: Site policy: website can't be advertised


I have checked and rechecked my site using all the google diagnostic tools at my disposal and everything checks out fine.


I have sent two emails using the contact form and have still not received any feedback.


If anyone can assist please help.

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Re: Site policy: website cant be advertised

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Hi JP K,

Please go through the Advertising Policies of Google Adwords below:

You may not be following one or the other advertising policies. Please check and verify it.


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Re: Site policy: website cant be advertised

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Was assisted through chat can't remember the guys name that assisted but trends our that at the time that my site was being indexed it was under maintenance flagging it as non functional, issue was resolved just wish I could remember the guys name to thank him