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Site Suspension

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Today i found the same problem in my 3 years old adwords account, today i got a mail that my site is suspended due to policy violation "MALWARE". i have checked my site twice but didn't find anything wrong. please help me and give me detail so i can fix it asap.

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Re: Site Suspension

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Hi Syed,

Welcome to adwords community!
First, you will need to scan your site thoroughly using any apps or through THE FETCH AS GOOGLE TOOL, steps are included here:-

Also please refer: and some resources for not only checking your site but re-submitting your site for review.

Re: Site Suspension

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i did, but didn't find any malware........i have scanned my portal through different security checks what should i do.
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Re: Site Suspension

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Find out appropriate reason Why your site gets suspended for malware? Follow as given instruction.

Step 1: Check the status of your site in Google's Webmaster Tools site.
Step 2: if your website infected through any malware installation or hacked content. Go through Clean process..

Here's an overview of the steps that you'll need to take:

Quarantine your site
Assess the damage
Clean up your site
Ask Google to review your site

Please make sure that your primary domain, all sub-domains and all verified site redirects are cleared of malware.
if there is still problem and webmaster tool does not identify any problem. Ask the maintenance of website with your webmaster and hosting provider to see any Identified vulnerability and fix the security issue and website no more compromise.

For more Information and resolve the issue, Go through given link -

Hope this will Help..