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Site Suspended due to "Software Principles"

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One of our sites has been suspended by adwords for breaching 'Software Principles'.


All I can read in the 'Software Principles' is applicable to sites selling or making available installable software.


We don't sell any software - we provide Hosted Services based around messaging (inbound/outbound email) and DNS services... and the guy at Google Adwords couldn't (wouldn't!) explain why/how we were contravening a policy about downloadable/installable software - WHEN WE DON'T SELL/PROVIDE ANY SOFTWARE...


The Adwords rep just said the same thing over and over again - he couldn't tell us why we were failing a policy check.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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Site Suspended due to "Software Principles"

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If you offer a free any download for the service to work, then the Policy is applicable.

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Re: Site Suspended due to "Software Principles"

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any free-trials associated with the services may trigger that violation-flag.

if there are no free-trials, no apps, or related software on the
website, then simply contact google directly for a re-review.

note that there are a limited number of re-reviews, so be certain
there is nothing on the site related to software, including apps,
downloads of any kind, anything related to free-trials, or any

other website related policy issue.

the same policy-violation-flag may be triggered for any business that
advertises any applications including -- extensions, plug-ins, add-ons,

etc., or any free-trial related to the site.

the email from google is usually critical to understanding the issues
and what must be fixed -- otherwise, the best likely course would be
to re-contact google directly.

this is primarily a peer-to-peer forum and forum-members can
mainly offer suggestions based on what is posted here in public --
posting the specific message from google and website url may

help others offer more specific suggestions.

generally, google requires a clear and transparent business-model.

for issues related to software or trials consider the following checklist:

(1) verify any eula/tos is clearly visible -- either directly or as a link.

(2) verify any trial, install, or uninstall instructions are clearly visible --
either directly or as a link; regardless of any (browser) integration or any
integration with any operating-system's package-handling, or how simple,
intuitive, easy, obvious, well-known, those tasks may be.

(4) verify any eula/tos and any un/install instructions are easy to locate and
available, both before and after, any software is ever tried, purchased, or
installed -- on the ad's landing-page and any applicable place on the website.

(5) verify that the authorization-to-distribute form has been
submitted for any free or free-trial software -- even if the
software's authoritative-source and advertiser are identical.

(6) verify any download-flows or (browser) integration, matches the expected
behavior of an application's intended-use, any unexpected behavior is prevented,
and all functionality is fully transparent and clearly explained.

(7) verify there is no malware or similar -- within the software being
downloaded, anyplace on the website, or linked from the site, or linked
from inside any downloaded-software.

(8) verify that the software, website, business, and
business-model, do not violate other google policies.

see also