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Site Suspended after complaining about inconsistencies in policy

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I made a HUGE mistake and angered Google by complaining about it's inconsistencies in its policy. For example, the exact same ads could be disapproved in one ad group's campaign, but be approved in another. It is like the person who is reviewing the newly entered ads, does not take the time to see if the ads are already there in other campaigns and wehter they are approved or not. And if they are approved, disapproved them to have some sort of consistency and not get me all confuse.


Anyhow, my site has been suspended:



Message from Google: 

Site Policy: We've determined that your site doesn't comply with our
site policies. Because of this, any ads promoting this site have been

I have requested for them to let me know exactly what issue is, but that will take 3 takes. So, any input as to why, I would like to know. Thanks


p.s. I deleted all my ads/ad groups about 45 minutes ago and I am still being sent disapproval messages.

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Re: Site Suspended after complaining about inconsistencies in policy

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Hi there;

I don't think the ads are the issue;

You are violating the bridging section of the policy, by setting a major part of your site to redirect users to other dating sites. By that you are voting the bridge section of the Policy;


Google AdWords doesn't allow ads that promote bridge pages. A bridge page, also known as a doorway page, is a webpage created for the main purpose of sending visitors to a different site.

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Re: Site Suspended after complaining about inconsistencies in policy

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Greetings MosheTLV, Thank you for your reply. Those links have been there for the past 3.5 years. Over those years, I have changed, added, and edited ads and this is the VERY first time my site has been suspended. But, guess what, I just looked at my hotmail account and just saw that my site has been approved and is in compliance with Google policy. I have NOT change one single thing on the site. Hmmmmmmm. Google is playing with me. To be on the safe side, I will remove the links. Thanks again for your input.



Great news! We've re-reviewed your site and determined that the following
site complies with our Advertising Policies:

Customer ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Display URL:

If any of your ads for this site have been disapproved for violations of
our Advertising Policies, you can just re-save your ads to automatically
submit them for approval. Here's how to edit and resubmit ads for approval: