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Sexual / Profane Terms In URL

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Hi there I have a bit of a grey area question to ask if anyone can help as I have some websites related to the 'cougar' dating thing.


In the google terms it says it is prohibited to have 'sexual or profane terms in the URL' also it's not allowed to have explicit text on page swith google ads.


I have a question about the terms 'milf' and 'gilf'  -would they be termed sexual or profane if they were included in the url, or also if they were used in text on a page with google ads?


I know they refer to sort of profanity in a way but they are not profane in themselves in that they are just 4 x letters which technically could stand for anything.. so Im not sure what the verdict is on them


For the record the site will not have any adult content or any other profane words it will just be these 2 words as they relate to the 'cougar dating' thing, so it's not a question about content, my question is just asking about the url / domain and if having 'milf' and 'gilf' in it would be ok



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Re: Sexual / Profane Terms In URL

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Hi Nick,


There are 2 aspects here: One is related to Display and Destination URL and another related to dating website.


As far as my understanding goes, you will have ensure that Both the Policies related to URL and adult are adhered before you advertise on Google using AdWords.


There are many aspects to Adult related content or website and I would suggest reviewing this Policy which varies from country to country (whether allowed or not) :


Also review the URL Related policy for better insights:-