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Sending traffic to

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I have a client who has his own ecommerce website as well as listing his products on amazon. For him it's a case of getting the most effective market penetration (he also has google shopping listings both through his own platform as well as through proxy via amazon, ebay listings.


I udnerstand that you cannoy use multiple Adwords accounts to promote the same website. It's also best practice for the business owner to have his/her own Adwords account and let the Adwords consultant manage via MCC. 


But do these rules apply to Amazon obviously have their own PPC services, but many retailers also are able to list their items on Amazon. Where do Adwords policies lie with Amazon?

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Re: Sending traffic to

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ugghh.. reading this back it reads horribly.

Basically I want to send traffic to an page directly because the client sells products through amazon (he does the packing and mailing himself).

Am I allowed to send Adwords clicks to amazon pages or is this against the rules?

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I'm not an expert on this part of the policy, but I believe that what you're proposing is allowed.  In the past there was a rule that affiliate ads (which this probably is) had to have the word "affiliate" in them, or maybe just "aff" as an abbreviation.  I don't know if that's still required.


I suggest going to the AdWords policy center and reading all the pages you can find with the word "Affiliate" in them.  These are probably good starting points:


After you've read them, other forum members who know more about this than I do can probably answer any follow-up questions.



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Re: Sending traffic to

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We had previous discussions on affiliates and specifically on Amazon:

These discussions are highly recommended;


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