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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Same Products But Different Domain - Google Shopping Ads

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Wanted to clarify something - suppose i have 2 domains...





Now Domain 1 has below products,


1. Product A

2. Product B

3. Product C


And Domain 2 is an exclusive store for PRODUCT B (with same titles, photos, descriptions from Domain1)


Now question is that i am already promoting my Domain1 in adwords under 'Google Shopping Ads' ...This means all my products on Domain 1 are being advertised.


Now i have opened an exclusive store for Product B - so can i promote it on adwords under Google Shopping Ads? ...Considering these are the same products as on Domain1 with same titles, photos, descriptions, prices etc...


Question: can i use the same adwords account to promote both domains under google shopping ads? or should i use another adwords account for domain2?

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Same Products But Different Domain - Google Shopping Ads

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(1) yes -- the same ad-account may be used
for shopping-ads on multiple domains;
simply create a campaign per domain.

(2) however, advertising similar or duplicate products on

multiple domains is not allowed for shopping-ads, at all,

and is grounds for disapproval or permanent suspension

from the program, at any time.



Same Products But Different Domain - Google Shopping Ads

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What if we change the description, price and title a bit?

Same Products But Different Domain - Google Shopping Ads

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generally, there are related policies for both (a) physical inventory and
(b) content -- changing a title, price, description, etc., cannot fix (a).

the policies with respect to shopping-ad auctions are mainly to prevent
(a) gaining an unfair advantage with respect to other merchants, or (b)
creating a poor experience with respect to google's users, or both --
both aspects of the policies are important.


that is, one website, one ad-account, one merchant-center-account,

and one ad-listing of a physical inventory item, is the general rule,

for shopping-ads, with respect to a merchant/advertiser/business-entity.


that said, other campaign-types and ad-formats

may be used to surface multiple ads for the same

product, or the same product on different websites --

although, that may result in brand dilution over time.