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Rules for accepting payment in various currencies

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Our merchant center account has not been approved for the following reason.

"There's an IP Address filter on the webpage, that prevents a user from another country from buying on the website. This means that if I have a U.S. IP address, the site prevents me from buying on the Austria part of the website.... this needs to be removed in order for the website to comply with our policies."

To be clear, we are not blocking access per-se, just requiring a customer to pay in their local currency by clicking a link to switch to the correct currency.

I find this policy bizarre and wonder if it is being implemented correctly. Has anybody else had this issue and if so did you get Google to make an exceptions.

Because our sales would be subject to international exchange rate fluctuations, from my POV, it makes no sense to allow someone in the US to pay in Euro's.

Does anyone have any thoughts\advice please?

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Re: Rules for accepting payment in various currencies

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Hi Jarrod,

I used to be in business before I started digital advertising and we were very much subject to international exchange rate fluctuations. Most of our troubles arose due to long-term US$ weakness following the second Iraqi war.

Therefore I do not think your logic is absolutely correct and I'd prefer thinking the other way around. If you are registered in the UK and keep your books in sterling, you are supposed to be focused on your revenues in GBP, irrespective of where the client is located or how visa, mastercard etc converts their currency. I think that most merchants would be inclined to follow my path rather than yours which sounds a bit unique - and that's where your issue might be rooted.