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Request help - my ad word account is suspended

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I request your guidance to understand if my suspended ad word account could be reviewed. Here is the problem I have faced.


1. I set up my adword account targeting my facebook page My adwords were running well.


2.  I then wanted to have a website to accept online payments hence for trial (as I am quite new to web) opened a free with yola, I mailed google adword team and intimated of this and made my destination and display url changed accordinglu from FB. My ads stopped running.


3. I receive mails from Google team asking for my account access and I sent the authorization request to help me run my ads again. I waited patiently but I never heard from them untill I called them up.


4. The team member from google asked me to make changes from http to https and so on, which I did, my ads never ran.


5. I thought it might be cause I still do not have any domain name so I purchased one from and set up my e com site (somehow, cause I know my site is highly unprofessional one..Smiley Happy)


6. I mailed google once again and changed all my destination and display url from The changes were made in the ad campaign when the campaigns were not running. So I thought now may be the campaign will resume, but it did not.


7. After mail follow ups and phone calls to the adword who was in touch with me, I got to know he is from sales and that my account is getting reviewed by specialist team. I tried spaking to them and I get mail that my account is suspended.


FYI: I am a start up and support the cause of Indian weavers and worksman, who are losing jobs due to powerloom. My busines is selling Indian ethnic garments. I am a manufacturer and a wholesaler. none of my sites were giving malware (I myself do not now what they are), no porns, no illegal business. My site's cotent is safe and secured including images of products. So in no way I violated the basic ToS of adwords. It might so happen that some landing page or something called links etc etc might be issue. Unless I know what the problem is I cannot make anymore changes cause I do not kno w what to do.


8. Today while I am writing this mail I again reviewed my ad word settings and re directed my campaign to Facebook which was running initially and well, with hope to renew my accounts, but its not.


I need help and would really appreciate if you can guide me to rectify what is wrong and if that rectification is made my account suspension could be removed.


thanks and regards,

Karabi Bharadwaj

+91 98310 48999


PS: I have floated a message to Laura as well, the Google engineer, and here I message the other adword team members, hoping to get a resolution.

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Re: Request help - my ad word account is suspended

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Google Employee



I'm sorry, but I'm not able to provide detailed, advertiser-specific help on the forums.  I work in engineering, not support, and I answer questions here only in my spare time.  I try to answer general policy questions and to dive into some specific cases when I think there might be a bug in our systems or when I think it's a problem where an answer might help multiple advertisers.  It doesn't look like this is one of those cases.


Even if I did have time I don't think I could do more than has already been done.  Moshe said on one of your threads that he'd already escalated your case to the suspension review team.  That's all I could do anyway.


I do have one suggestion, though.  It does not sound like you are very familiar with AdWords or with e-commerce in general, since you seem to be making lots of mistakes that an experienced AdWords pro would avoid.  (For example, all the messing about with different domain names and providers.)  You should find a professional who knows the system and can help you get your site and your AdWords account working.  Ideally it should be someone who can provide a fairly low-cost initial consultation to determine whether your site is fixable and how much it would cost for them to do it.



AdWords engineer

Re: Request help - my ad word account is suspended

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Hello Laura,


You are very right that I do not know much about ad word and e com in general, hence if there has been a mistake it was purely un intentional, cause no consumer would like to have their ads suspended intentionally. I understand and appreciate your response. As soon as my adwords account is restored, that is if its restored, I do have plans to take help from ad word experts for sure.


Thanking you,


Re: Request help - my ad word account is suspended

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Hello, any feedback for me? Please look into the issue and help me if possible, would highly appreciate your response.