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Reporting affiliates to Google?

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Hello Everybody,


Can anybody here help me with reporting affiliates (who are advertising in AdWords) to Google?


I know the first instance which would come to your mind is, why the heck you don't submit the form yourself. The fact is - I did. I have submitted the form not less than hundreds of times, but nothing really has ever happened. Google has never taken any approriate action.


Is there anybody here who can help me doing this?


Example -


Region - US


Keyword - [lyriana]



Lyriana Reviewed‎

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When you click on Buy Now button on the landing page, it takes you to which clearly indicates it is an affiliate site diverting the traffic to official site.
AdWords Policy which is violates - Google's Bridged Page Policy.
Help much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,
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September 2015

Re: Reporting affiliates to Google?

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Google Employee

Hi Peter,


Thanks for your question. It could take awhile for Google to review this. I would just recommend waiting if you have already filled out the form.

Re: Reporting affiliates to Google?

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For your kind information, I have been doing this and waiting for last six months. All I can do is, fill the form and wait endlessly. You get helpless. Wait, wait and wait, and nothing happens even after waiting of several months.

Re: Reporting affiliates to Google?

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Why don't you stop trying to harm other people's business and spend that time growing yours?