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Registered Trademark Symbol ® in Ads

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Owner of trademark is in foreign country. Didn't block the trademark for advertisers to use in ads.

Retailer A and Retailer B are authorized re-sellers.


The difference is that Retailer A is using Trademark® in title and in description and Retailer B not:

So far, I got phone answer by the support team from Google:


"You can use the ® as long appear on the website too". In other words, after i asked for clarification, the ® symbol must appear on the webpages were Trademark name is present.


The fact is that Retailer A doesn't use Trademark® on the webpages. I seek for advice from other TC and also an official answer from Google.


So far the best part in policy is:

Exceptions: Such punctuation and symbols are allowed in ads for these circumstances:

  • Trademarks, brand names, or product names that use non-standard punctuation or symbols consistently throughout your website


Thank You,



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Re: Registered Trademark Symbol ® in Ads

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Dear C

A trademark owner /or contact person listed on the trademark complaint can provide Google with authorization to let specific AdWords accounts use the trademark in ad campaigns.

Alternatively you can always contact Trade mark owner for Authorization by filling following form below ..

You can read more details about Trade mark Policies in below Link.


Re: Registered Trademark Symbol ® in Ads

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Thank you for you time and replay, Shweta B.

However this is not a problem of trademark but one in which conditions the ® symbol could be associated with a trademark name and displayed in the ad

I got a verbal answer from Google's support that could be used only if you have also on the site the mention of the brand/trademark with ®.

Both advertisers can use the trademark in the ad but one of them is using with the ® symbol 2-3 time in the ad to be more "catchy" in my opinion.


Re: Registered Trademark Symbol ® in Ads

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Hello Constantin,

Welcome to the AdWords Community.

The use of ® symbol in the ad text relates to Trademark, it is not considered just another special character or punctuation. To use this in your Ad Text, you must be authorized by the Trademark Owner. If you are one of the resellers, you can ask the brand to authorize you for it's use with AdWords.

Read more about "Trademark help for advertisers" here;


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