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Re: Ever wondered..How long does it take for an AdWords ad to be revie

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I was spending thousands of pounds with Google adwords for advertising Taxi Services in London.

After spending around £35,000.00 we were suspended as a few transactions were charged back.

Let me explain how:


As we were only ever using the company card everything was fine. As our online customer base built, so did the number of customers paying with credit cards. As we were only signed up to google checkout we were not able to take card payments from customers directly. The only was to charge a customer was by sending them an invoice for payment.

This however was not always practical as some customers requiring Taxi for straight away did not have access to Email to be able to complete the Google checkout payment process. What my father then advised me of was to charge a customers card directly to our adwords account saving us money and effort as we were topping our account sometimes every two days.


Everything was fine with the majority of customers until towards the end when a particular customer noticed a flaw in our system. He had booked a Taxi on 22 September 2011. He booked two Mercedes S Class's to take him and four other guys around central london for 5hrs each. He said they would be traveling around entertaining his foreign guests.

We then charged the card he gave us for £254.48 twice.


We the had a lady call us on 28 September who booked a Taxi from Central London to Reading. This journey cost £125 and again we charged the card to our adword account.


Another gentleman called back around 11 October 2011 stating that his partner had already booked with us and wanted to also book a taxi with us using the same card. He wanted a taxi from the same pick up point in london and wanted to have a 9 seater vehicle pick up and drop off 7 people from Brighton to London. The pick up was at 6pm and the return was at 3am.

We charged his card for £500.00


The next day, the same gentleman called us back and wanted to book the same thing again. He explained that he worked for a club promotions company and that he charged people individually for tickets to the club and all travel costs to and from brighton.  We then booked him the same taxi and charged him £500 again.


On October 23 2011, we had the same guy call us again after around 10 days.

He said that he would be arriving to Oxford Station and wanted to be collected from there and brought to Leicester Square, Central London. we did him a reduced price as he had already booked multiple expensive taxis from us so had no reason to suspect him and certainly approved a discount for him. We charged him £72 all inclusive. He told us that he would later book Taxis for the following night to go from Oxford Town centre to Leicester Square for 14 people.

We booked him 2 seven seater vehicles and charged his card twice for the sums of £219.00


We did not hear from him after this point.


Unaware that any of these transactions were fraudulent we carried on business as normal.

Then, on 4th November 2011, we received an update on our billing section which said, payment charge back.

This then continued on november 4, 25, 30 and then on december 2nd.


The total number of fraudulent cards was 4. The total amount was £2143.96. The whole fraudulent period was between 22nd September 2011 and 23rd October 2011.


Our question is that all though i sent google an email straight away followed by numerous emails explaining this situation and that we would be willing to pay for any charge backs and would refrain from ever using customers cards to pay our adwords account they still did not reply with anything.


Is it fair to suspend us as we too, like google, have been victims of this fraud.

Should google not review each account individually instead of using robots to determine outcomes?


I would really appreciate if you could some how communicate to google our problem and see if there is any solution to our problem.


The site is


Thank you very much

Re: Ever wondered..How long does it take for an AdWords ad to be revie

Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi shamas i,


Thanks for posting your billing issue. This is a public forum and we don't have access to your account to troubleshoot it further. I've passed your query to the AdWords support team to help you to resolve the issue.