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Question RE: Display Ads and Click Fraud

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I have a question about a possible click fraud technique on web pages with display ads. I've noticed that clicking on the background off to the right of the main HTML body triggers an ad on some web sites with display banners. I'm not sure if this is a browser issue, the web site, or the way the ads are supposed to work. Has anyone else noticed this?


Here's an example of a page with large button areas off the sides of the page which appear to trigger the banner ad results:

Re: Question RE: Display Ads and Click Fraud

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Hey Gremlin098,


From the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center:


"What we have seen so far is that advertisers continually increase the amount of money they spend, which suggests that they are pleased with the return delivered by their ads. We encourage advertisers to track ROI and contact us when they see something that doesn't appear to add up. If you see suspicious activity on your AdWords account, please contact our click quality team"