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Publically complaint form for false ads

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There seems to be no complaint form available for a member of the public to report false and/or misleading advertising conducted by a Google Adwords advertiser.


There is the generic Feedback form on the Google search results page, however this is not a complaint form as it does not provide a tracking number of the complaint, indeed it even states that Google may not reply to the Feedback form. There is other information which is missing from this Feedback form, which does not make it suitable for complaint submissions.


This is not satisfactory. This would mean the only path open to a memeber of the public to make a complaint is via the relivant consumer affairs body, court or tribunal or in the case of Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


Given that Google allows advertisers from other countries to advertise in Google search results via Adwords, this would mean Google would need to be represented at any court or tribunal as this would be the most direct way of the court or tribunal forcing the removal of the offending advertisement. This is going to be waste of everyones time and money.


In addition Google's failure to make a proper complaint process available to the public could in itself be a breach of the Australian Consumer Law.

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Re: Publically complaint form for false ads

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Hi Craig,

There is a Google support page with information regarding AdWords complaints, which includes a link to the AdWords feedback form for feedback on AdWords ads. 


If you've seen an ad that is false/misleading, the ad might be in violation of the AdWords policy for "Advertiser Claims", so you can use that feedback form to directly contact Google.


Support page:

Feedback form:


(Note that the process is different if you think an AdWords advertiser has infringed on a trademark. You can find out more on the "Help for trademark owners" page here.)


Hope that helps.






Re: Publically complaint form for false ads

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Hi David,

While the Feedback form ( would probably suffice as a method of complaint for false and/or misleading advertising, there seems to be no link to this page for a person coming directly from a standard search results page and the page refers to "Feedback on AdWords Ads", which a member of the public is not going to know what "Adwords" is or that it relates to the advertisements shown on the standard search results page.

Re: Publically complaint form for false ads FAKE CLICKS

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Re: Publically complaint form for false ads

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