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After successfully using the Promoted videos program for the past 4 years, I'm at such a point of frustration with the new system, I'm considering giving up. I have no interest in advertising. By that I mean I don't sell pizzas, socks or gifts. All I wish to do is promore my videos and not have the promotions labled as an ad. I'm not selling the video. I just want to expose it for viewing. The new system is all about ads. I understand that. Many want and need advertising. The new system is very confusing. With terms such as In-stream, In-display 1 & 2, In-search plus several others, not to mention all of the subchoices, even the explanations need explanations. I saw an ad offering a 4 day course on learning how to use AdWords, at $499 per day. So what's my question? How about bringing back the Promoted video program for those who just want to... promote a video? 


I've read responses to questions re videos and can anticipate in degree what I may receive in response to mine. Keep in mind I have 4 years of satisfaction behind me.I'm now seeing click throughs at $1.78 per instead of .04 (I stopped that one fast).  In another campaign I have 11,000 + viewings in three weeks, however, out of the six countries I targeted 94% of the viewings are from Canada. I have no truck with Canada but that stat seems very strange. On another campaign which I've run for two previous Christmas seasons and garnered about 70.000 (Mainly from the US.) viewings per season, so far over the last 3 weeks (I started early this year) it has received about 12,000 viewings. The top 5 countries are Tiawan, Russia, Ukrane, Romaina and Phillipines. After many other countries the US clocks in at about #22 with 104 viewings. And yes, I checked the target area. On this one I selected global.

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Re: Promoted video

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Google Employee

Hi Beetlebomb,


Thank you for posting and feedback. To clarify, Adwords has not changed, nor is there a change in the Adwords for Video label. I believe what you are asking for how is to run your video for "branding" or "promotion". If this is the case, you do have the option to run your Adwords for Video from 3 different types of bidding campaigns depending on your goals: CPC, CPM, or CPV. In your case, if you want to target solely for branding/promoting you may want to choose the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding. You can find out more about Using AdWords to create video ads in the Youtube Help link here. Another option is to focus on views rather than conversions. When creating a new video campaign in the Advanced settings, choose the Optimize for views: Show ads expected to provide more views in the Ad rotation section [see screenshot].Adwords4Video_AdvancedSettings.png


As for the last part country targeting, you may want to create separate campaigns for specific countries. Choosing global will give you a broader rather narrow focus of views. Also keep in mind with your global targeting views are often dynamic which can result in the viewings you described.

Re: Promoted video

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Hello John,

Thanks for your effort and time to explain that AdWords has not changed.
The Promoted video, as I knew it prior to this year, do not exist. Maybe
the changes are for the better. I would hope so but at this juncture I'm
not so sure. I waited for the Christmas season with high expectations. I
thought I would just access my account and click enable on one of two
Christmas songs and the promotion would continue. There is a profound
difference between the word Ad and Promoted video appearing on a thumbnail
panel. The folks I'm looking to attract are much more inclined to click on
"Promoted" video than "Ad". I would not click on Ad. I don't want to watch
an ad. I may... no I have, clicked on a Promoted Video several times when
the thumbnail caught my eye.

At this moment I'm tired and don't wish to bore you with my complaints. I
have never complained re YouTube. It has all ways worked for me. I
understand the policy is not going to change to satisfy me. Hence, if I
want to play I must get wit the program. Possibly I would have not have
been caught off guard had I checked my Gmail in box. I confess I never have
paid much attention to Gmail. It just occurred to me the other day to take
a look. There I found several references to the changes taking place mid
year. The system has my email address and could have alerted me to check my
Gmail box for info concerning my AdWords account. I make an effort to
understand the other persons situation with respect to what they see as an
impediment. I have business experience and a familiarity with promotion

I thought Google, Google+, AdWords, AdSense and YouTube were all part of
the same team. In a sense I suppose the are. In another, however, they are
not. Now I find myself dealing with separate entities, meaning I can't talk
to one, in this case YouTube as that is with whom I'm primarily dealing, I
must talk to each separately about my problem. Even that is incorrect. I
can't talk to any of them. It's all email to some ambiguous team. Even the
email is controlled so I don't know who is doing what. This is very
frustrating when one has a time is of the essence problem.

Moving forward to resolve a problem in this system is like walking in knee
deep mud. I keep slogging forward but the effort takes its toll. I also
must learn the systems lingo. I'm not interested in "impressions" as I
understand the word. My understanding comes from the advertising business.
I'm not certain you folks use the term in the way I do. At this point I'm
not selling a brand and therefore not interested in impressions. All I want
to do is encourage folks to click through to hear a song I'm promoting.
That's it. I don't want to, as is said, get in their face. That is why I so
liked the Promoted Videos appellation.

Excuse the rambling. I must conserve energy for arguing copyright issues
with the YouTube support team.

Thanks again, Jimmy Joe
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September 2015

Re: Promoted video

Google Employee
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Google Employee

I am totally sympathetic to your issue. You are correct in that Google has many different products which, as you have experienced, you have to deal with each product support if you have any problems with each respective product. I do have one suggestion that may "fix" your problem. Depending on how much control you have, I would suggest adding "Promotion" to your description, your ads and possibly adding it to the beginning of each video. Let me know if this works for you.