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Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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So, I make my second ever price extension. And it gets disapproved. And the reason is:


Unknown policy


Anyone else seen this? 

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Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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Hi RobSkelton,

Though I have not used this so far but the reason for disapproval may be the final url must match the price with the price you have mentioned in the extension.
So, what I think is the final url should also contain the price as text.

Else, wait for any TC's suggestion or anyone practically using this extension.



Also, go through the Price extension requirements.


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Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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Hello @RobSkelton,


Could you please check your price extension, based on following parameters. There are no other parameters which can be the cause of disapproval of your price extension.


Header and description

Headers and descriptions that are not relevant to the extension type and to each other

Price information and promotional text in the header or description

Repetition in headers or descriptions


Extension URLs that do not lead to the same final URL domain as the text ad they are attached to

Links that initiate a download or use keyword insertion


Headers or descriptions that do not follow the content requirements for the chosen type


Please review your extension based on these parameter.


I hope this will help you.




Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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I'm sure the extensions are built correctly.

Looks like it is the semi-adult nature of the products (massage oil). The regular ads have been deemed:
Approved (non-family)

Perhaps Google still needs to get price extensions working for adult products?

Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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@RobSkelton Yeah, it may be the reason.

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Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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Hi @RobSkelton,


The same restrictions apply to price extensions as they do for text ads. Just thought I would suggest that you not give up on your specific issue assuming it is the product. If it is approved for ads... it is approved for the extension. This Google Help File discusses it. 


Kind Regards,





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Re: Price Extension Disapproved - Unknown policy

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Thanks for the link James - it is as I thought:

Google assigns a family status to all extensions to make sure that extensions are shown to an appropriate audience. Price extensions and the content they point to must be "family safe." Any price extension that promotes "non-family" or "adult" content is not allowed.