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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Policy disapprovals

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I have created some ads using adwords then google sent me a message "my account was suspended due to  policy disapprovals.


anyone can help me how to solve this.


My site has a google map..


did the google map one of my account has been suspended?


Thank you

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Re: Policy disapprovals

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Hello gabantiv; welcome;


I do not thick that the Google Maps is the issue, as long as you used the maps to show a location of your business. (Maps' Terms of Service)

We should look somewhere else;

Can you share your URL?

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Re: Policy disapprovals

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Google Map is another Google Product. Your AdWords Account Suspension does not affect your map listing.

However, it should adhere with the policies as well.


Depending on the root cause of suspension, here's your next step.

Consult the Help Center: Understanding Account Suspension


For the meantime, you can share your URL and we can diagnose the possible threats that lead to suspension.

More Power,

Re: Policy disapprovals

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In addition to above useful responses, I would like to add that you must have received an email from Adwords about account suspension explaining the reason behind it. Can you share that (reason) also here?


Also, if you login into your Adwords and check the keyword status, does it say something about site suspended or any other message?


You might be interested in looking at Adwords policies here.


Let us know if that helps!


Re: Policy disapprovals

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Hey gabantiv,


Here's what you could do to figure out a reason for your ad disapproval.


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Re: Policy disapprovals

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Re: Policy disapprovals

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here is the email from adwords :


I did look in to your account (XXX-XXX-XXXX) and I notice that the account has been suspended due to multiple policy disapprovals. Upon review, we've determined that this account suspension was made in accordance with AdWords policy and procedure. For this reason, we aren't able to revoke your account suspension and won't accept advertisements from you in the future.

For information on the terms associated with AdWords account use, please review our Terms and Conditions at To learn more about AdWords policies, including our suspension policies, you can review our advertising policies at"
the keywords status say like this :
"The keyword phrase doesn't currently trigger any of your ads"
my ad group is eligible but when i move my cursor to the status its said :
"This ad is not eligible to run on the search network"
thank you
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Re: Policy disapprovals

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Hi Gabantiv,


You should really review the AdWords Policies carefully as you are indeed in violation and based on that email, my guess is, Google no longer wants to do business with you.


That said, I'll try to explain part of the reasoning.  I looked at your site for only a couple of minutes, here are two examples.




Google's policy on Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements in the 'Related to Weight Loss' category, lida daidaihua, is clearly listed as not allowed.


2. "Big Earnings, Zero Investment"


Google's User Safety policy states: "Google AdWords requires that advertisers provide transparency into the business/product that's being promoted. Google also requires that advertisers set realistic expectations about what their products and services can do for their users."

Furthermore, the policy states that advertisers must: "Provide users with accurate information about the risks associated with their product or service – for example, if a site claims large financial gains, it should be clear to the user what kind of money and time needs to be invested to get these results."


Also, this doesn't give a very nice impression:




Perhaps you were not aware of the Policies, there isn't much you can do about that now.  The nature of your site is challenging as it appears you're allowing others to post the ads and will have very little control of the content of the site.  To me, that is not a model that is going to work with AdWords.





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Policy disapprovals

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Thanks your help before,


now im have learn some adwords policy.


but can i ask u..


in my site has a ads and link about "work from home" and some ads about "Weight Loss with Fiet Diet calorie Crystals" . did this violates the adwords policy.


Thank you


Re: Policy disapprovals

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Google Employee



I didn't look deeply enough into your site to find the "work from home" info.  But almost every "work from home" page on the internet is a scam, so it's possible this contributed to the suspension.


When I opened your page the first thing I saw was an ad for an acai berry weight loss product, which violates our policies.


Since your account has already been suspended and the suspension upheld, this is all academic.  This type of business of advertising random things, many of them shady, does not work on AdWords.



AdWords Review Engineer