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Pleasure Gel / Lubricant - Disapproved YouTube Video Ad

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Hi All,


My TrueView Video Ad of which the product is a pleasure gel / lubricant, has been disapproved, flagged with "[Family status] Unacceptable Image/Video Content". I swear I had done all the age filtering on the ad and the video itself, and there is no explicit adult scenes whatsoever.


A Google staff replied, simply telling me that birth controls are not allowed to promote on Google properties in my region. But first, my product is a lubricant, not any birth control products like condoms; and second, I really don't see my product falling into any category of the Restricted Products and Services List:


Would anyone be able to help?


Thanks a lot.


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September 2015

Re: Pleasure Gel / Lubricant - Disapproved YouTube Video Ad

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Hi Priscilla,


I understand your point, pleasure gel / lubricant seems to be non family safe content and  there are some restrictions for "non-family safe" content in some countries.


Could you please provide me more details (targeted location, video content, etc.) and I'll try to help you here.